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Brock 'n Out brings a twist to MTV classic

by Christopher Suarez - Copy Editor
Wed, Mar 28th 2018 12:00 am

People sometimes forget that the best way to relieve stress is with laughter. Spending a couple hours forgetting about your stressful college life is always a good thing. And that is exactly what Alpha Phi Alpha, Golden Eagle Records, and the Caribbean Student Association set out to do. On Thursday, March 22,  the three groups held their own version of Wild ‘n Out, or as they called it, Brock ‘n Out, and they brought mass amount of laughter to the students of The College at Brockport. 

The event was based on the MTV comedy show Wild ‘n Out hosted by Nick Cannon. Wild ‘n Out is filled with improvisational comedy games with an added hip-hop flavor. The games are split up into two teams, the red squad and the black squad. Nick Cannon is the captain of the red squad and in every episode, there is a famous guest star to be the captain of the black squad.

The show first aired on July 28, 2005, and it took the people by storm.  Before this, there was never a game show where stand-up comedians had the opportunity to play games and make jokes about each other. Nick Cannon made that happen and added many familiar faces to the cast. Cast members such as Affion Crockett, DeRay Davis and Mikey Day were a part of the original cast of the show. With the emergence of Vine, YouTube and Instagram, new faces were not hard to find. Famous personalities such as Chico Bean, Michael Blackson, Timothy De la Ghetto and Emmanuel Hudson are some of the new faces of the show. There are also some famous battle rappers such as Conceited, Charlie Clips and Hitman Holla to bring the lyricism on the show. 

That same feeling people get while watching Wild ‘n Out is what Alpha Phi Alpha, Golden Eagle Records and CSA wanted to give the students at Brockport, which they emulated by having a live DJ of their own. Host Michael Wade brought amazing commentary and made sure there was never a dull moment. He interacted with the crowd and drew similarities to the host of the real Wild ‘n Out, Nick Cannon.

The DJ for the real Wild ‘n Out is DJ D Wreck and he gives every show that musical component. The DJ for Brock ‘n Out was DJ Mighty and he did exactly what DJ D Wreck does for the show, providing music during every break and giving the cast a ding for a good joke and a buzzer for a bad one. DJ Mighty had the crowd entertained the entire time and along with the host, they had people laughing and dancing throughout the night.

The main attractions were the improv comedy teams. The  teams were split into two groups: black and white and green and white. There were five people on each team and both teams had amazing talent. All participants played ten different games and whichever  team had the most dings after the individual games won.The games included Talking Spit, “Turn Up for What,” Questions, R & Beef, Pick-up lines, Prop game, Wildstyle, Family Reunion, and in one game, they had to find people in the crowd and make funny jokes about them. The game that brought the most laughter out the crowd was R & Beef. In this game each team had to come up with a song about a topic of their choosing and sing about it as if it were an R&B song. The song by the black squad really had the crowd going and they ended up winning that game. The games had the crowd laughing throughout and despite the black squad singing the better tune, the green squad won the championship. 

Black squad member, Michael Bobadilla, enjoyed all the games, but his favorite was the games questions. 

“They were all funny to me. But the funniest had to be the questions game because of the reaction we got from the crowd,” Bobadilla said. 

James Fuentes stole the show with his funny jokes and his saxophone. 

“Looking at the crowd, I could tell which jokes were funny and which weren’t,” Fuentes said. “When it comes down to the saxophone that was all my idea. I did not expect to get the reaction I got from the crowd, it was an amazing moment.” 

The event as a whole was an amazing turnout. The New York room was full, and people loved the enterntainment. Alpha Phi Alpha president Cesar Coronado is very proud of what was accomplished, knowing how hard it could be to improvise and respected the team’s efforts.

“We achieved our goal of bringing a sense of community through laughter,” Coronado said.“The cast acted like themselves and that is why the people connected with them so easily.” 

Brock ‘n Out represented Wild ‘n Out well and the crowd seemed to love it. 



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