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"Tomb Raider"

by Nicholas Mazur - CampusTalk Editor
Tue, Mar 27th 2018 11:00 pm

If adventure has a name it must be Indiana Jones, but Lara Croft often comes in a close second. The iconic, pixelated tomb raider has made a name for herself in the video game world, and now twice in the live action arena. As an avid Indiana Jones fan, I thought this move was the perfect opportunity to capture some of that adventurer magic in the progressive capsule of a female lead. Knowing little about the ins and outs of Lara Croft and her universe, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go in blind and have a good time. Although I knew that the Angelina Jolie adaptation was a major flop, I went in with high hopes and little expectation.

The movie was ... alright. There was nothing terrible to complain about, but there was nothing to really hoot and holler about either; it was just a movie, nothing more and nothing less. I suppose that, in itself, is a weakness of the film, but there were no terrible comments that had me reaching for the rotten fruits and vegetables.

That being said, the set up for the film was a little too long, and the action and adventure was a little slow. The tomb itself offers me nothing I haven’t seen in a tomb before, and the villian leaves much to be desired. 

He is a boring villain with an objective he does not stray from, he is given arbitrary scenes of cruelty to establish him as the villain, and he gets an underwhelming just desserts. You don’t get a chance to hate him in any specific way, other than he kills people without hesitation.

As for the good guys, Croft herself is perhaps the best part of the movie. The scenes where she kicks some a** are the saving graces of the movie, and by the end, I feel like I didn’t get enough of it. She is capable and headstrong, but she has plenty of struggles and hardships to go through.

What this movie needed were more action scenes, more fine tuned characters and a far better tomb to explore. If you are going to emphasize the “tomb raider” part of Lara Croft (and emphasize it in the title no less), than you better make sure that the actual tomb is nothing to shrug off. This movie somehow makes the tomb the most forgettable part of the movie. As sad as I am to say it, this movie is not terrible, but leaves all its potential to rise above the average adventure film at the starting line. In its caution, it falls into the trap of a adventure formula, and becomes just another adventure film.

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