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BSG President and Vice President Candidates- Merritt and Lee

by Shelby Toth
Wed, Mar 21st 2018 03:00 pm

Following a long-time interest in politics and an enthusiastic approach to campaigning, Jack Merritt has established himself as a go-getter when it comes to being BSG president.

Merritt, with his campaign partner and vice president-hopeful Mars Lee, stressed “putting power” back into the hands of students. 

“Me, personally, I think that BSG over the past couple administrations hasn’t done a good job of representing students,” Merritt said, before reiterating the point of giving students a stronger voice.

Another key idea in their campaign is getting the Brockport community interacting and working with the inner community of the college, as well having college departments work more closely with BSG. Lee specifically cited expanding on social programs she is currently involved in.

These include Lee’s role as president of both the International Students Organization and the Pagan club, which was in fact formed by Lee earlier in the academic year, as well as being on the executive board of PRIDE.

Lee referred to her founding of the Pagan Club as an introduction to the workings and operations of BSG. Her role as a member of the BSG Legislative Committee is another example of her working with student government. 

“I believe I have an understanding of what the people want along with an understanding of how the system works and how it integrates together,” Lee said. “I think I can definitely provide something different and interesting.”

As for Merritt’s credentials, he mentioned working in politics for the past few years, being a senator for BSG, the chair of the ROTC and Veterans Fair Ad-Hoc Committee as well as recently being appointed to a campus affairs chair position. He also pushed many legislations through, such as a piece that allows transfer students to become part of BSG.

When asked what their biggest weaknesses were, the pair chuckled. Merritt cited people’s worry over his true motives for running for president.

“Most people know I’m politically involved, and I definitely want to be a politician when I get older, so most people are a little worried,” he said. 

He then went on to mention he can be difficult to work with, but believes that it is sometimes necessary to have someone strong leading projects.

Merritt and Lee emphasized that they are “hardworking and dedicated.”

“I think it’s time for a change in Brockport Student Government,” Merritt said. “I feel with Mars [Lee] and I coming together, two obviously different personalities, but coming together and working on a goal of ‘let’s bring Brockport back together.”

Merritt and Lee also hope to stand out from their competition with their combined “inside” and “outside” perspectives of BSG. Lee went on to explain that her role working with BSG, more on the side of different clubs and people, and Merritt’s role directly under BSG domain, allow their combined efforts to potentially bring a fresh take on the president and vice president offices.

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