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BSG President and Vice President Candidates- Matthews and Piska

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Wed, Mar 21st 2018 03:00 pm

Joshua Mathews and Alena Piska are ready to begin their campaign for BSG president and vice president, respectively. The candidates’ campaign, according to their plans, will be centered around the idea of “better together,” meaning cooperation and careful listening to all of those on campus.

When asked about their weaknesses, the two candidates took a moment to consider the question, then tried their best to answer earnestly. Mathews answered, saying his weakness is trying to get himself out of the small sphere of the Seymour College Union. 

BSG is centered there, and the Union is the main hub of campus; however, Mathews wants to ensure that if he wins the presidency, he’ll be able to comfortably reach out to other places on campus and have a genuine understanding and connection with the people there. 

“We can’t do our best job if students don’t have that instinct to come to us,” Mathews said.

Piska’s response was more geared to the way she operates one-on-one. Piska states that she tends to get overzealous when working on projects. She becomes so over excited that, from time to time, she has to stop herself and remember not to let her own excitement drown out others’ working on the projects as well.

Neither candidate appeared overnight, and both have a history of working in other areas of BSG as well. Mathews had work experience first as a court justice for BSG and then as chief justice of the student court. On top of that, he has spent the past year working as the vice president under President Elisha Madison. 

Piska’s experience starts in volunteering as a program coordinator, before moving on to work for the advocacy department of BSG. 

“We just want to get to know what are they saying,” Piska said. “What’s going on, what are the [student organizations] thinking about BSG, and a big thing we’ve heard from all of them is representation … really bridging that gap [between BSG and students] altogether would really be our overall goal.” 

When asked about their favorite parts of Brockport, both had a similar answer. Mathews stated that he loved the willingness of people both on and off campus to cooperate. He cites specifically his work on the town gown, an effort to keep the college and the village in communication. Mathews cited local businesses and their willingness to offer discounts to students of the college to help promote local business.

Piska cited the people themselves as her favorite part of Brockport. She too gave examples, such as Chief Diversity Officer Cephas Archie, who are willing to communicate and build new bridges to make the college better. Piska cited specifically a meeting with Archie, in which she knew very little about him and his position in the college,yet both were willing to sit down and get to know one another to start a new channel of dialogue.

All in all, Mathews and Piska, as they say, are focused not on winning the titles from the other candidates, but on diligently representing the students of Brockport by earning more responsibility within the student government.

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