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Give us a break: Making the best of time off

by The Stylus
Fri, Mar 9th 2018 03:00 pm
For college students, from second semester freshmen to last semester seniors, spring break is a time of escape. There is so much potential for relaxation, partying and time to recharge our academic batteries.
Elliott LaPoint/EDITORIAL CARTOONIST For college students, from second semester freshmen to last semester seniors, spring break is a time of escape. There is so much potential for relaxation, partying and time to recharge our academic batteries.
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Throughout the spring semester, college students have to deal with massive amounts of homework, annoying financial aid, eating dining hall food that doesn’t fill you up and trying to get your body ready for the summer. So, we think we can speak for our fellow students when we say that we need a break. 

Spring break is the one week in the middle of the semester where we don’t have to worry about homework or working or dining hall food — we can just relax. Most of us use this break as a time to go home and chill out, while some of us use this break to go on expensive vacations that will have our pockets hurting for months to come. 

Here at The Stylus, we will use this break to get some much-needed rest. Some of us, like campus talk editor Nicholas Mazur and executive editor Kristina Livingston, will go back home and try to forget how crazy our life is here at Brockport. Editor-in-chief Alyssa Daley will visit Alabama with Habitiat for Humanity and help build houses for those in need. Managing editor Tori Martinez will be driving to Florida, visiting the sate for the first time. Photo editor, Emma Misiaszek, will be working while at home. News editor Shelby Toth will visit the beautiful Myrtle Beach, relax and get a tan. Sports editor Panagiotis Argitis will be taking a trip to the country of Greece and spend some time with his family. And copy editor Nathan Barker will try to go and visit everybody in his family within the week. As for copy editor Christopher Suarez, he will just go back home and spend some much needed time with his family. 

One thing we have in common with the rest of the college students in America is that we are all trying to get away from the stressful lives we live on campus. While this can be a much needed break from reality, it can also be a major setback mentally. We college students work so hard during the semester that a break like this can mess with our work ethic. You are probably thinking to yourself that this is the last thing on my mind right now, but think about this: when you go home or go on vacation, you throw away the everyday routine you have become accustomed to in college.

By throwing away that work ethic you had during the semester you are now making your brain think that it can relax and not have to think ahead. For an entire week, your brain will be relaxed without any thought of the future, abd when you get back to class, your brain will still thinks it’s in relax mode. With your brain in relax mode you are now assigned two essays, a project, and you have to try to find a way to pay America’s debt back. All those assignments are due next week and you have no motivation to do them because your brain still wants to be on vacation. That is the major problem with spring break, as it sets students back and they don’t regain that same work ethic until a couple weeks into the semester.

Along with the mental setback, students also suffer financial setbacks. We are talking to those students who go on expensive vacations for spring break. These vacations are setting broke students back hundreds to maybe thousands of dollars in just one week. According to Travelocity, a trip to Cancun, including flights and hotels, can cost one person up to $6,194 dollars. That price tag does not include costs while you’re there, so add a couple hundred to that number. Some students go on spring break and waste all this money for a week of beer, sex and regrets. 

But don’t get us wrong: spring break is not all negative. Students who go back home really do enjoy spring break. They get to lay on their bed, watch Netflix, eat some home cooked meals, and see friends and family. There is nothing better than that. If you decide to go on vacation, that’s fun too. You are now able to travel somewhere you probably have never been and see stuff you’ve probably never seen. These vacations give you the opportunity to forget about the life you live in this tundra we call Brockport and enjoy the 90-degree weather of Cancun or Hawaii. 

If you are a party head and not a home-body like us, let us help you choose the best place to go. If you want to travel outside of the U. S., then the number one place to go is Cancun, Mexico. According to studentcity.com, this beautiful paradise is the number one international destination for spring break. From amazing beaches to EDM festivals, Cancun is the place to be. 

If you want to travel domestically, the best place to go is South Padre Island. According to studentcity.com, South Padre Island, Texas is the number one U.S. destination. Parties, amazing beach bars, and affordable prices make this the number one location to go to for broke college students just trying to have fun.

Now, if you are really trying to save money, stay in New York State. If you are trying to stay local, the best place to go is Niagara Falls. The iconic, towering waterfall is a great sight to see for spring break, as it’s just an hour away, and relatively affordable. If you do not like that idea you can go to the Adirondack Mountains. Just a few hours away, you can experience the outdoors by doing activities such as: camping, hiking, fishing and sailing. 

No matter how bad spring break can be to your pockets and your focus, the break is still hard earned and well deserved. Whatever you decide to do, remember to be safe and don’t forget: when you get back, those stacks of papers will be waiting for you.  

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