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"Nation of Two"

by Ashley Dee - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Mar 6th 2018 08:00 pm

 of the present era, Vance Joy tops the charts every time he writes a new song. With all the other well-known songs such as “Riptide” and “Lay it on Me,” this Australian heartthrob knows rhythm when he sees it. His newest 13-song album, “Nation of Two,” released on February 23 of this year with a few fan favorites. 

After his last album, “Dream Your Life Away,” this seems like a new beginning into another chapter of his life. The album begins with a mellowed yet upbeat song labeled “Call If you Need Me” with “Lay It on Me” to follow in its lead. The use of instruments, like the guitar, trumpets and drums, makes all the songs on the album very rustic.

 It doesn’t drown out his voice like most songs with various instruments overlapping. As the album continues, especially toward the end with “Where We Start,” it begins to tell a special story of passion and love. Vance Joy tends to incorporate that aspect into each of his albums, which makes this one just as special. 

This album describes the sense of life as it gives energy to this couple he describes throughout. Unlike any other love album or song you hear every day, this one brings a modern, indie vibe to it, which resonates with the majority of his audience.

 Even though Vance Joy is 30-years-old, these songs still resonate with other generations based on the context. Being a fairly new, fairly well known artist, he’s accomplished making a name for himself. With this being yet another successful album to add to the list, he is on his way to becoming even more popular than he is now.

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