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"The Black Panther Soundtrack"

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Mar 6th 2018 08:20 pm

If you’re a frequenter of the review section, you may have noticed that this is not my first time reviewing something related to “Black Panther.” What can I say? When they got it, they got it. The movie itself is a knockout, in large part due to this killer soundtrack.

The soundtrack has all the auditory marks of an instrumental soundtrack, but like everything else having to do with this movie, it has a killer twist. The soundtrack is interlaced with both sounds of a modern Marvel soundtrack, as well as very, at least to my ears, African inspired sounds throughout the music. Many of the tracks in fact, have a similar riff which seems quintessentially African in inspiration.

Everything in the “Black Panther” movie reeked of style, and the main villain, Erik Killmonger, was no exception. So naturally his musical theme on this album is oozing with all the same malicious interest that Michael B. Jordan brings in his role in the movie.

As for range, this being a soundtrack album, it has plenty. Whether it’s something slow and pensive, like the song covering T’challa’s visit to the ancestral plane, or the car chase scenes, this album has you covered no matter what mood you’re in.

Normally you might think, “who is gonna go listen to an album soundtrack for fun? It’s all just instrumentals. Who would do that except some weirdo at The Stylus?” 

Well, okay, fair enough, but soundtracks are underrated in general, and if you either believe or are part of the “Black Panther” hype, this album will deliver more than the average soundtrack album. If you’re chilling out on a Wednesday night and want some tunes to help you relax, or are doing some homework and want something to liven up the dull silence, this album will have you recapturing the excitement and splendor of the movie all over again. 

That’s the strength of any good album;  its replay ability. If you enjoyed the movie then you’ll love pressing play on this tracklist. This album cements the idea that “Black Panther” never fails to deliver.

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