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Creative Inking: A permanent staple for permanent ink

by Tori Martinez - Managing Editor
Tue, Feb 27th 2018 10:00 pm

Brockport is full of unique and interesting shops and restaurants that many students know about, but that a fair amount have never heard of. Or maybe they have heard of such businesses, but they’ve never taken the time to actually visit them. 

No matter where you stand on the matter, this column focuses on some of these forgotten, and occasionally not-so-forgotten, places around the village that deserve recognition for providing quality service and products. And since so many of us have come to Brockport from another town or city, finding cools spots to get lunch or explore on the weekends makes college feel a little more like home.

You may have seen the Main Street Beat in the 2016-17 editions of The Stylus, but it took a break in the fall this year. It will be back weekly, starting now with Creative Inking.

Creative Inking is directly next to Collector’s Choice on Main Street, just two doors down from Java Junction. If you’ve never heard of it before or currently have little knowledge about it, you’re not alone. Whenever I talk to people about getting a tattoo or another piercing, so many of them start talking about Pink Armadillo, which is undoubtedly the most popular shop around. 

According to its website, Pink Armadillo has been in Brockport since 2010, but Creative Inking has only been open for about four years, giving Pink Armadillo more than a decade to establish a good reputation.

So I tried Googling “Brockport tattoo shops,” and now I think I understand a little more why people may not know about Creative Inking. To start, the sole link that pops up is to the shop’s Facebook page. The only other shop is Pink Armadillo, which is the main picture and website that shows up on the search. There isn’t much that points you in the direction of Creative Inking, unless you’re one of the few around campus who hear about it from a friend, or you spend enough time on Main Street that you see it.

Although Creative Inking may not have been around for even half as long, Maria, the shop’s manager, says that social media and networking get the job done when it comes to finding customers. The biggest thing you can do for a place in a town like this is talk about it, which is why opening this column up again with this shop is perfect.

I’ve gotten decent piercings elsewhere, but at Creative Inking, I felt more than comfortable. I got a second hoop piercing on the left side of my nose, and I don’t know any other honest way to express how it felt other than … it hurt like a b****. Not only did Molly, the woman who was doing the job, have to pierce another hole, but she had to redo the hole that was already there to make it fit a new ring. 

When I originally got my nose pierced almost exactly three years ago, I hardly felt a thing. It was quick and easy. I ended up developing a keloid pretty soon after that though, which stuck around for a while. It’s only been three weeks since I got this recent one done, but I haven’t had any issues yet. And although it hurt so much more than my first nose piercing, it was a better experience overall. From the person who was actually piercing my nose  down to the very music and lighting of the room, the mood was set and I almost felt relaxed, despite being stabbed with a needle. 

My roommate and I went in the late afternoon, right before class. It was a little chilly, slightly windy and particularly cloudy, so maybe that already set a particular vibe, but when we walked in, the ambience made us instantly feel at ease. 

A wide, open room with warm lighting and exposed brick juxtaposes the sound of buzzing and the clinking of needles and rings on a metal table top, all while heavy metal plays in the background. I couldn’t help but feel like the atmosphere calmed my nevers a little. I wasn’t scared or nervous, but the idea of something puncturing my skin, even if it only hurts for a few seconds or minutes, can make my tummy twist around a little bit.

Now, I don’t have any tattoos, but I went with an old friend when she got one, and one of my roommates went there as well. I can’t say from personal experience, but I’ve never heard a bad word about Creative Inking when it comes to tattoos. 

Of the 88 reviews on the shop’s Facebook page, 86 of them have five stars, and the other two have four stars. I think that says enough itself. 

And when it comes to piercings, well, I can tell you for a fact that I won’t be going anywhere else as long as I live in Brockport.


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