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"Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)"

by Kristina Livingston - Executive Editor
Tue, Feb 20th 2018 12:00 pm

 Some critics are saying that alternative rock band Car Seat Headrest’s re-recording of frontman Will Toldeo’s 2011 project “Twin Fantasy,” “fixes what isn’t broken.” What Toledo and his backing band have dubbed “Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)” offers fresh takes on old songs and allows Toledo to catch up to the person he is now, seven years later. 

     The original “Twin Fantasy” told of heart-wrenching entries from the life of Toledo, offering snippets of his first true love, the raw realness of nonconforming sexuality, and an ongoing conversation about the uncertainties of creating art without fear. This version revisits that part of his life with a fresh perspective, putting a finishing polish on his magnum opus.

Toledo’s recrafting of “My Boy” is one of somber beauty that is sure to make listeners’ hearts hurt for both Toledo and the subject of his heartbreak on this track. Consisting of only the lines, “My boy, we don’t see each other much / It’ll take some time, but somewhere down the line / We won’t be alone,” this version seems somehow even more in the listener’s face, growing in size and sound expansively within the span of the short track.

The champion track has to be “Sober to Death,” which has been transformed into a more clear, crisp rock anthem that dissipates into the most wonderful, repetative declaration of love for around a minute straight – “You and me won’t be alone no more.”

My other favorite re-recorded track off “Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)” is without a doubt a tie between “Nervous Young Inhumans,” which quite clearly has some of the largest changes, and “Cute Thing.” The latter, although naturally flawless, cannot hide the fact that it was recorded with inadequate equipment. In fact, it was recorded on Toledo’s personal laptop. The revamped “Cute Thing” gives Toldeo access to what he deserves, allowing him to unleash his unapologetic angst without holding anything back, singing, “I got so f*cking romantic / I apologize … Healthy minds make sexy bodies / Let us touch so much of ourselves together.”

I come away from this album proclaiming there is no harm in revisiting your own work to apply finishing touches you always wished were added. The pieces of you from years ago will always remain, but only you can dictate where the story goes from there. 

The prospects will look even better if you possess Toledo’s once-in-a-lifetime rock god voice, but then again, we aren’t all so fortunate.

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