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"Someone Out There"

by Maggie Stewart - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Feb 20th 2018 12:00 pm

The album “Someone Out There” is a promising pop album. Unlike Rae Morris’ 2015 album, “Unguarded,” this new album mixes upbeat music with the familiar drama of her lyric play. With one of the most unique voices in the industry at the moment, Morris experimented by bringing the depth of “Unguarded” to the upbeat tempo of “Someone Out There,” and created a musical masterpiece.

The first track, “Push Me to My Limit,” features synth and really features the clarity of Morris’ voice. Her simple lyrics string together thoughts and observations of “an age of losing.” 

The song speaks about the chaos that we subject ourselves to in order to feel included without the thought of repercussion. It tells the story of Morris being pushed to her limit physically, emotionally and mentally in a world of “push and pull.” The first two tracks, “Push Me to My Limit” and “Reborn,” are both more reflective and remind dedicated listeners of Morris’ previous album. 

Much like “Reborn,” “Atletico” touches on the insecurities that come with being interested in someone. It shares Morris’ view on new beginnings and relationships, as well as the thoughts behind a woman wanting to pursue a man. She accurately conveys the excitement and nervousness that can be attributed to a first date, which is incredibly relatable. It goes on to describe the regret she has of letting go of the man she loved. 

Much of this album is about how to experience life to the fullest and how to move through life, discovering not through the lens of a relationship, but through a personal lens. 

Morris’ voice captures her audience and, combined with brilliant lyrics and instrumentation, Rae Morris is a name to look for in the music industry.

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