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"Black Panther"

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Feb 20th 2018 12:00 pm

Okay, imagine everything great about Tony Stark and an Iron Man film (the good one). That’s exactly what T’challa and Black Panther are like, minus all of the terrible, annoying parts. “Black Panther” is a film that delivers on its hype and more. 

Before we dive into me praising this movie, let’s take care of one thing first. Yes, this cast is mostly black, save for a few minor characters. If you’re a white moviegoer, and you think this will detract from your ability to enjoy this movie, you are either dead wrong, or you need to work through some issues. Certainly, as a white moviegoer, there were parts of the movie I did not connect with as much as a black moviegoer might, but that’s kind of the whole point. And even still, watching this film, I could not help but *cough cough* “marvel” at how beautiful and significant this almost entirely black cast was.

This film was also very political for a superhero movie, indulging in a lot of black, race and, slavery politics, and other issues prevalent around the world today.

You also cannot help but admire the prevalence women have in this film. They are spies, warriors, scientists, protagonists and antagonists. They are really given the, and again *cough cough*, royal treatment. Danai Gurira gives perhaps the best performance of the film in her role, creating a beautifully complex character that pairs seamlessly with Chadwick Boseman’s performance as the King of Wakanda himself.

In terms of aesthetics, the movie does not miss a beat. The lighting and settings are stunning, without overdoing the grandeur of Wakanda too much. The music is perfectly balanced between what sounds like more traditional African music, and a more modern, fast paced Marvel studios soundtrack than you might expect. The costumes are unbelievable and capture the advanced country of Wakanda’s hightech nature, while also staying true to the African inspirations present in the film. The Black Panther suit in particular was undeniably iconic. Getting to see it with such intimacy and regulatory compared to in “Captain America: Civil War” really put the beauty of its design and the nature of its technology in the spotlight. I couldn’t help but think it made every single Iron Man suit look like a clunky, silly, child’s toy compared to the sleek, powerful and subtle design that fit into the convenience of a stylish necklace.

The best way to understand the sweeping magnificence of this film is to just hop in your car and go see it yourself. It’s a film steeped in serious politics and genuine questions for viewers, but, like “Thor: Ragnarok”, it’s not afraid to be silly at the right moments, and isn’t ignorant of the fact that it’s also a superhero movie. It is one of the most well-rounded films Marvel has put out since it started this grand project.

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