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"Treat Her Like a Lady" addresses social stigmas

by Christopher Suarez - Copy Editor
Tue, Feb 20th 2018 12:00 pm

Imagine walking down the street and getting catcalled, or being pulled by the arm while you are trying to mind your own business. Those are only some of the issues  women have to endure on an everyday basis. Men stopping them to say “hey beautiful” or “hey sexy” is part of the verbal harassment that a lot of women are forced to deal with. Women across America are likely to encounter this issue every time they leave their house. 

Wearing anything that men might see as “provocative” is supposedly an automatic excuse for them to be looked at and verbally harassed. The College at Brockport’s Men of Color used its “Treat Her Like A Lady” event as a way to not only celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also show that there is something wrong with how men are viewing and treating women today. 

The event had a great turnout with attendees, both men and women, dressed to impress. Men of Color Promotion Director Odalis Herrera appreciated the amazing turnout. 

“The event went exactly as planned,” Herrera said. “We had about 200 tickets and sold all of them in a matter of days.”

 The event included several live performances. From poetry to singing and dancing, the gentlemen made sure to include it all. Fellow Brockport student Shyan Walker enjoyed the event. 

“The performances were very touching and heartfelt,” Walker said. “My favorite part of the event was the [way the] ladies [represented themselves]. All the ladies looked exquisite, god’s work, each had their own taste of beauty.” 

Men of Color recieved positive feedback about the event, in part because the group succeeded in  shining light on the unfair treatment faced by women all over the world. 

 It is a shame that almost all societies in this world do not cherish women and appreciate them for everything that they do. In some countries in the Middle East, women are forced to marry men of their parents’ choosing, regardless of whether they give consent. 

According to The Week, some officials believe and enforce the notion that women in Saudi Arabia are not able to make everyday decisions without male permission, and they’re prohibited from wearing provocative clothes or make up. This is the world we live in, where women are not able to make their own decisions, and if they do, they are bashed and criticized. 

In the U.S, women are allowed more freedom than other countries. They are able to have leadership roles in  government, wear anything they desire, and aspire to be who they want to be, but that all comes with a price. If you are going to run for any political role, you have to accept criticism from your male counter parts and be told that “women cannot make correct decisions.” 

If you are wearing whatever you want, you tend to be viewed as a sexual object or attention seeking. Then, get ready to deal with verbal harassment and judgement because “men cannot control themselves.” And finally, if you are going to do what you want, just remember that you have to start a family, find a loving husband and have kids. If you have kids you most likely will have to drop everything you’re doing and focus on them and not yourself. There are so many things wrong with that. 

In America, they say equality between women and men is the best it has ever been; however, women are still not getting paid nearly the same amount as men. According to epi.org, in 2016, Asian women are earning $2.27 lower than white men, white women are earning $4.16 lower, black women are earning $7.63 lower, and Hispanic women are earning $8.90 lower. 

Equal pay is not the only issue women face in America. There is a bigger threat: sexual violence. Rape in America has always been a major issue, and rape culture is in the spotlight now more than ever before. With all that is coming out in Hollywood, it shows that women can’t even chase their dreams without being disrespected  and taken advantage of by powerful men. 

Some women work their whole lives to become the next Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock or Meryl Streep, and put in countless amounts of time into their craft. 

Once aspiring actresses get there, they have to deal with sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K., just to name a few. Men who build up such fame and power, that whatever they do is protected by the people around them. 

These men did what they did for years and nobody said a word for fear of losing their job. If it wasn’t for the #MeToo movement across social media, most of the truth would have never come out. 

Men of Color is all too aware of these issues. Its event brought light to the fact that not all men are the same. “Treat Her Like A Lady” enforced the message that women deserve to be treated with respect because they deserve nothing but the best.



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