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"Black Panther"

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Feb 13th 2018 11:10 pm

“Black Panther” is a much anticipated film, and the trick to delivering on that is not just about good costumes, good writing and good direction, but good music as well. Therefore, in prologue to review on the film itself, here we have a review of the album by Kendrick Lamar for the film. Although this is an album with music, “from and inspired by,” the “Black Panther” film, it’s hard to seperate the two as I listened to it. Expectations for this album, as well as the film, are very high.

The album has a smooth mix of softer, relaxing songs with deep bass and beautiful singing, as well as stronger, faster, harder--hitting tracks that make my head sway along with them. There’s nothing like a good album that knows how to balance types of songs like this. It also manages to walk the line between an album for a Marvel superhero movie, as well as an album that can stand on its own.

I’ve heard the genre of rap compared to poetry before, but sitting down to really listen to it, I understand the comparison. I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing lyrics spill out of someone’s mouth so beautifully and so quickly. Most of the rap I’ve interacted with previously went right over my head; however, sitting down and really digging into this album left me with a new appreciation of this musical genre, Lamar,  his talents, and the accompanying artists of this album and their talents as well.

The titular track, “Black Panther”, aptly occupying the first spot in the track list, has a particular strong vibe for the movie it accompanies. The song carries all the gentle dignity and quiet strength that you feel when you think of T’challa, Black Panther himself.  

Though I’m always acutely aware that I’m by far not the target audience for this album or genre for that matter, I can’t help but appreciate this album. If it is any indication of the quality of the rest of the film, I am seething with anticipation to have my mind blown and my expectations exceeded when this film comes out. This album will no doubt cement the image and reputation of “Black Panther” that it is bound to leave in the wake of its premiere.


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