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"sovereign nose of (y)our arrogant face"

by Lou Venditti - News Editor
Tue, Feb 13th 2018 11:00 pm

Milo has returned after last year’s “who told you to think?!?!?!?!” with a new scallops hotel joint in “sovereign nose of (y)our arrogant face”. On his umpteenth album under the moniker, scallops hotel, the beleaguered wordsmith, spits his most ambitious flow-of-consciousness raps to date.

When Milo split from the Los Angeles -based Hellfyre Club in search for greener pastures, he founded Ruby Yacht–a label founded, managed and run by Milo himself, so that his message is never diluted. He’ll let you know about Ruby Yacht often, but his bar on the opening track, a terror way beyond failure, he calls it as he sees it.

“Cue yawning zeitgeist, whack motherf****ers flounder for limelight,” Milo sings. “Ruby Yacht is magnificence, is bioluminescence.”

From the start of sov ereign nose, Milo is firing on all cylinders. As is typically the case for his work as scallops hotel, Milo sounds significantly less tense, letting the words and quips flow through himself as if he was the instrument. The 24-minute mixtape doesn’t last long, but Milo pulls every last bit he can from it.

On one of the later tracks, “wherearewe,” Milo digs into his bag of tricks and throws in some obscure references that are better fit for dusty library shelves than rap listeners. Yet, Milo does it in a way that feels careful and calculated, as he always has.

“Spit it like a Pottsylvania spy on that goof gas,” Milo raps. “I was under a not-so-ancient sky in a do-rag, Captain Caveman pull up with Dee Dee Skyes and I needed that.”

If you weren’t sure, the Pottsylvania spy Milo references is Boris Badenov from “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.” The Captain Caveman reference is a little harder to catch, which Milo explains toward the end of the song in a bit of dialogue with fellow rapper and producer Steel Tipped Dove. These dated references are just one example of how dedicated Milo is to his craft.

Milo hits the peak of his stream of consciousness driven flow on “sedans”, the closing track on the album. The track, which is the only song on the album not solely produced by Milo, gives Milo one last chance to speak his mind.

“Hit it with the gusto, bam,” Milo croons. “I’m Emeril Lagasse with that old frying pan.”

On “sovereign nose of (y)our arrogant face”, Milo gets into his groove quickly, barely finding time for himself to breathe; however, the uniqueness of the album wears off quickly, as Milo has released an album under the scallops hotel moniker every year since 2013.

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