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"Here Come the Runtz"

by Zachary Penzabene - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Feb 13th 2018 11:00 pm

Awolnation’s new album, “Here Come the Runts,” is an amazing cohesion of rock and indie styles of music. Awolnation has always delivered as an indie electronic rock band, but this album has such a traditional rock style in comparison. Awolnation successfully pulls off a groovy sounding rock album whilst maintaining it’s vocal and instrumental identity and beat. This album is a nice ride of different styles of music blending together into more than 50 minutes of chill, soulful songs.   

The album starts out strong with its song, “Here Come the Runtz,” and ends strong with the industrial rock sounding, “Stop the Train.” There is variety of different styles of music used in the synthesis of this album. 

“The Buffoon” is an electronic existential cloud of an amazing instrumental interlude of a song that introduces the strong finale, “Stop the Train.” 

“Sound Witness” has an interesting rap–sounding beat to it that blends into indie rock. “Table for one,” is an electronic pop rock song that brings back the classic nostalgic sound of their first album “Megalithic Symphony.” The songs, “Cannonball,” “Passion,” “My Molasses,” and “Seven Sticks of Dynamite,” are the best sounding pieces that really encapsulate the invigorating tone of this album.

The weaker songs on this album do not retract from it’s prestige, but make it be more diverse in its content. “Mirracle Man,” is only lacking in its lyrics; they are a little too repetitive. “Sound Witness System,” is a good song overall, but has a somewhat weak start to it. The weaker songs on the album are only slightly lackluster and add an essential component that is vital to the album’s identity. 

Amazing vocals coupled with eclectic instrumentals are seen throughout this album. The artists successfully reinvent themselves to be a more traditional style of music, whilst simultaneously keeping their modern indie swagger. Awolnation blends their talents into a tubular river of music. I would recommend sitting back and floating down the river sounds that is “Here Come the Runtz”.

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