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When it comes to safe sex, everybody wins

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Tue, Feb 13th 2018 10:00 pm

What was known in the past as “Strawberries and Chocolates,” The College at Brockport’s Association of Latino American Students (ALAS) hosted its new and improved Valentine’s Day “Noche de Sexo” event on Sunday, Feb. 11. 

“I want to get people aware of safe sex; condoms, contraception, you know, whatever their beliefs are,” ALAS President Savannah Valentin said. 

“Noche de Sexo” encouraged people to become more open and comfortable in their sexuality, and be assured that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex, as long as you and your partner are safe. 

Valentin wants students to know that Hazen offers free HIV testing and now has HIV prevention for students if their sexual partner has HIV, that way they can protect themselves. This information can be vital not only for promoting health, but also addressing a heavy social stigma.

“If they don’t want to have sex, they can practice abstinence,” Valentin said. “Just some education and some fun. It’s Valentine’s Day and we just want to get in the Valentine spirit.”

“Noche de Sexo”, which is Spanish for “night of sex”, was held in the Union Gallery and included free Valentine’s themed cookies, cupcakes, candy and condoms for those who attended. There were also 

strawberries and chocolate, which served as an ode to their original name for past events. The Gallery  itself was also decorated with pink and red balloons, flowers and other Valentine’s Day decorations. Noche de Sexo was put together by event coordinator Heidi Robles, who also led each game and lecture of the night. 

“It took about two weeks,” Robles said. “We do it every year, we just changed the name this year. We worked on our skits and we asked members what they wanted to see.”

One of the games, called “What Goes Around Comes Around”, consisted of four couples who all had to stand across from each other over a table. On one side, one half of each couple had to get on their knees, place their chins on the table and open their mouths. The goal of their partner was to roll an Oreo into their mouths and whoever got the most Oreos in their partner’s mouth won mugs filled with Valentine’s Day goodies. 

Robles, whose favorite part of the events were the games, said, “I want to push people out of their comfort zones just by the name, which isn’t what it sounds like.”

Another game was an educational game, complete with a PowerPoint presentation. Like, “Jeopardy”, Robles stood at a podium and read clues on the screen. 

Whoever stood up first got to answer and if they answered correctly, they got a point. The person that got the most points at the end of the game won. 

More games were played throughout the night, and one of the prizes was a giant teddy bear. 

Not only does ALAS want to raise awareness and teach people about safe sex, but the club also wants people to know that they are welcome to join the club and help put on these sorts of events. 

“We’re the only Latin American club on campus, so we definitely want to educate [students] more on what’s going on,” Valentin said. “[The goal is to promote] more Latin awareness. There are lots of other culture groups and we want to make sure we’re remembered.”

ALAS holds meetings every Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in Union 185. 

“I hope [ALAS] gets very big,” ALAS Vice President Matthew Goris said. “I hope that we do get more diversity. With our association with Latino-American students, there’s this conception that you have to be of Latino descent to join. We want people who don’t even identify as Latinx [to join].” 

More information regarding the  club and its upcoming events can be found on myBrockport and the club’s Facebook page Alas.

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