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Logan Paul unsubscribes to decency

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Tue, Feb 13th 2018 06:00 pm

As far as rich, spoiled a** holes affiliated with Vine/YouTube go, over the past few months, Logan Paul has climbed his way up to the number one spot, tied with Curtis Lepore, who lost many fans after not only being accused of rape, which he plead guilty to, but treated the accusation as a joke and actually made money off it. Though Paul did nothing close to that, it seems that every other day he does something just as stupid, if not more stupid, than the last one.

Paul has always been an annoyance and was even arrested in October after flying a drone over the Colosseum in Rome, which he knew was illegal. What sparked outrage with basically everyone across the world, though, was a video Paul uploaded in early January on his YouTube channel. The video follows him and his friends in their trek through Japan’s Aokigahara, or the “Suicide Forest”, known for its number of hangings. In the video, Paul leads the group while wearing a decorated denim jacket and a three-eyed alien hat, an outfit that screams “help, I need attention.”

The group obnoxiously made its way through the woods, running around and yelling, until they come across a man who had hanged himself from the branch on one of the trees. Paul took it upon himself to film the body, zooming in on the victim’s hands to show the discoloration. Upon coming across this, Paul asks, “Bro, did we just find a dead person in the Suicide Forest?” and then stammers about how suicide is not a joke. Afterward, he and his friends just end up laughing about the whole situation. 

Not only does this further increase the stereotype that our generation is thoughtless and entitled, but it’s also toxic to the generation below us. Since the majority of his viewers are kids, Paul is planting the idea in their minds that what he does is immediately forgivable. In fact, mostly everyone who defended him were his fans, saying that he simply made a mistake and people have to lighten up, when, in fact, Paul deserves to be slapped in the face with a cold, hard reality and learn that there are consequences in this world, even for his idiotic, privileged ass.

If that whole thing isn’t sick enough, after YouTube took the video down, Paul’s original video of him and his friends in Japan was released. The video starts with Paul saying, “I just gotta be careful to not disrespect the culture.”

However, disrespect the culture he does. After saying that, Paul and his friends run out of a store wearing a kimono and conical hat, shouting racist, Asian-accented gibberish at people and harassing officers. Paul also buys a Game Boy Color, walks outside, smashes it on the ground and goes back in, saying, “Excuse me, sir. The game seems to be malfunctioning. Mucho brokeno.”

Later in the video, Paul, wearing a Pikachu onesie, throws stuffed Pokeballs at cars and people, including another officer. He also stands in the middle of the crowded streets and pulls his pants down. Other stupid things Paul does in the video include: jumping on the back of moving trucks, running into stores screaming, harassing and mocking an old woman, and swinging dead fish in people’s faces, which he then set on the back of a taxi when he didn’t want them anymore.

What’s more laughable than the fact that Paul originally thought any of this was okay was the completely narcissistic apology statement he made. The apology he made was completely manipulative.

The second sentence of the apology states, “I’ve never faced criticism like this before, because I’ve never made a mistake like this before.”

He also starts the second paragraph with, “I didn’t do it for views. I get views,” and continues with, “I’ve made a 15 minute TV show EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 460+ days.”

It didn’t sound like an apology. Instead, it sounded like an ode to his own YouTube channel. In fact, the apology video he made was raking in even more money.

Despite announcing his break from vlogging and YouTube cutting ties with him, now a month later, he recently released the most ridiculous and pathetic video teaser announcing his return. The video involved a shirtless Paul rising from a pile of dirt and rocks while a deep-voiced narrator refers to him as a “choch” and “legend.”

When I first started writing this article, that’s all there was to write about; however, it’s no surprise that Paul, in a matter of a week, has managed to outrage PETA after posting a video of himself tasing a dead rat. Shortly after this, YouTube decided to pull ads from all of Paul’s channels.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s YouTube channels,” a statement released by Youtube said. “This is not a decision we made lightly; however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

This disgusting, vile human, tainting millennials’ reputations won’t stop this reign of annoyance and controversy as long as we’re still giving him attention. In order to achieve the possibility of peace from Logan Paul, no one should watch his videos, talk about him on social media or write articles about him starting NOW. 

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