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Election guidelines for petitioning season

by Kristina Livingston - Executive Editor
Tue, Feb 6th 2018 10:25 pm

With the deadline to submit interest in candidacy for Brockport Student Government (BSG) just a week away — the crucial date and time here being February 15 at noon — there remains time to clear up uncertainties about how to progress with getting your  name on the ballet come election time.

The BSG election process, as in the act of preparing for a desired candidacy, is something the average Brockport student may be capable of tackling as opposed to what they may believe. Current BSG President Elisha Madison ensures that time still stands between any student who wishes to shorten the gap between the administration that represents them and their own involvement – so long as they do not violate the clear-cut, detailed guidelines outlined in The Brockport Student Government Election Guidelines.

According to Madison, violations of the guidelines can terminate one’s candidacy if they aren’t careful, but such violations are easily avoidable to begin with. He cites the 2016 election for BSG treasurer between Zach Loveless and Joe Yanulevich as being an avoidable incident, Yanulevich was disqualified from obtaining the position was in response to a tweet he made on the day of the election showcasing his “lucky socks”, which was found to be in violation of Sub Clause I of Clause VIII, which classifies electronic communication as campaigning – something candidates are not allowed to do on the day of the election. Yanulevich was disqualified from the race after obtaining the popular vote. It is the responsability of each candidate to refrain from speaking on behalf of their campaign in any way on the day of the election.

Madison states that in order to begin the process of petitioning for election to a BSG position, one must first obtain a copy of petitioning papers in exchange for a signed copy of the BSG Election Guidelines, which can also be found upon inquiry within the BSG office. Candidates for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer and 12 senators have been permitted to circulate their petitions as of February 1. According to the BSG Election Guidelines, petitions become available “beginning the first BSG business day in February each year.”

As of the BSG Senate Meeting on Friday, February 2, an official appointed Election Commission has been formed with the task of reviewing and judging the election as a whole. The appointed members are freshmen Emma Chilson-Cline, Nicholas Marr and Nicholas Tenebruso. BSG bylaws state that the duties of the election commissioners will be to “have initial say on all interpretation of the Election Guidelines, and all matters pertaining to the election,” among other tasks.

The act of running consists primarily of the aforementioned petitioning process, requiring candidates to obtain a specified number of unique signatures from Brockport students for presidential and vice presidential candidates’ tickets, these should total up to 1,000 combined. Those interested in the position of treasurer require 500, while potential senators require 150 from students of the candidate’s respective district if the title of off-campus or on-campus senator will apply to them. 

Additional regulations pertaining to the act of petitioning for candidacy and promoting one’s campaign should be sought out within the guidelines, which include crucial information such as spending limits for campaign materials, details for debate sessions and voting procedures for the day of the election. 

“The fact that Josh [Mathews] and I ran unopposed … it’s a little disappointing that we don’t have more of a drive for people to be in these positions,” Madison said. 

According to Madison, maximum student involvement within BSG will prevent the domination of one mindset overseeing the remainder of the body.

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