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Trump's racism: stacking up the stats

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Feb 6th 2018 05:00 pm

Donald Trump and racism are words that go together like peanut butter and jelly nowadays. Whether you believe he is a racist person, harbors racist attitudes, or is just a true blue American hero who believes in fairness for all, the word racism follows him. It’s not difficult to see why. He tends to say things that, whether you interpret them as racist or not, are dripping with scandalous potential. Even before he was elected as president, he made a reputation for himself during his campaign for saying things that had the words racism and sexism firing from the mouths of people left and right.

Now, a year into his presidency, here we are, still writing a full article just to discuss his racism. You know, say what you will, but the man sure does know how to brand something. Trump’s managed to brand his own special from of racism, full of all the bravado and subtle malicious attitude you come to expect when Trump opens his mouth.

The Washington Post recently did a series of polls, working with ABC News in order to find out just where Americans sat on the subject of Trump's racial biases. What the organization has found is exactly what you might expect. Slightly more than 50 percent of Americans think that Trump has a racial bias. Of course, that half can be basically attributed to Democrats and the other half to Republicans, according to the polling data. 

The poll also delves into the various kinds of people who believe Trump has a racial bias. The results reveal that black and hispanic Americans are far more likely to believe Trump has a racial bias than white Americans, who are pretty much split down the middle on the subject. The organizations also determined that there was at least a correlation between having a degree and believing Trump has a racial bias. White men and women with a degree of some kind are more likely to believe he has a bias than white men and women who do not have a degree of any kind.

I suppose there’s no damage in figuring out just what America’s feelings are on Trump in this regard. It can only help to know more, after all. However, it seems to be the wrong sort of conversation to have, it asks the wrong questions. The polls themselves tell the truth of the matter. This isn’t an issue of racism at its heart. Well, maybe it is, because if Trump wasn’t being racist we probably wouldn't have this problem; however, when you look at the polls, you can see that the line is drawn pretty clearly down the middle of the political battlefield.

Trump is no use. According to CNN, he thinks he is “the least racist person.” He’s in a world all his own on that one, as he is on most topics. Democrats are no use, of course. They’re going to oppose Trump and call him racist, because he’s a Republican. Of course the Republicans are going to say he’s not racist, he’s a Republican and the Democrats really hate him. 

And there it is folks, there’s the problem. We can’t trust anybody’s opinion in politics if they’re just going where their party tells them to. Though I will always give more blame to the bigoted and hateful side, I won’t refrain from blaming the Democrats as well. They are just as culpable. When a government descends into political madness where you vote with your party and do whatever you can to sabotage the other side, you don’t have a government representing the people anymore, nor their interests. 

Thus, you have the perfect storm for someone like Trump to sneak into office and stir up even more chaos. In my opinion, he is racist (and you can poll me on that), and taking sides on the issue instead of looking at it with a critical eye is not going to solve anything. It’s only going to make more problems.


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