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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Tue, Jan 30th 2018 10:00 pm

First and foremost, to the 11 people who have yet to see “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”, expect to come out disappointed and satisfied all at the same time. Whereas “The Force Awakens” was two hours and 15 minutes of awesome reunions and nostalgic moments, “The Last Jedi” was full of much more controversy and originality, which really split audiences in half.

One of the most disappointing moments (MAJOR SPOILERS) was finding out who Rey’s parents were. Based on her and Kylo Ren’s telepathic communication abilities in “The Last Jedi”, it started to look like Luke was Rey’s father after all, making her and Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo, first cousins, which would’ve been fine. However, it was revealed during the movie that Rey’s parents turned out to be complete nobodies, just drunks who sold their daughter to buy alcohol.

Speaking of disappointing reveals, it seemed Kylo Ren had finally found the light inside of him after killing Snoke and his Elite Praetorian guards to save Rey. However, this bada** team-up was cut short when Kylo Ren had a relapse of hunger for power and turned on Rey. Despite being against the Resistance, Kylo Ren chose not to kill his mother as well, another sign it’s not too late for him.

However, someone else blows up Leia’s ship, killing everyone on board except her, as she was able to survive being sucked into space by using the force to fly back to safety. The scene, which many people complained was cringe-worthy, was still awesome because it focused on that fact that Leia, despite not being a Jedi like her brother, Luke, still has the force inside of her, being the daughter of Anakin, aka Darth Vader. It seemed after Leia fell into a coma, that’s how the writers of “Star Wars” were going to deal with the tragic death of Carrie Fisher. The film had many opportunities to give her an honorable death, but Leia stayed alive throughout, leaving the audience wondering what would happen with the character. The credits did reveal a touching tribute to “our princess… Carrie Fisher,” though, which was nice.

Despite those three major problems, “The Last Jedi” ranked fourth out of the three trilogies and spin-offs. I wish I had more space to talk about the “The Last Jedi”, which I barely scratched the surface of, including: Luke’s satisfying Yoda-styled death, Admiral Holdo’s visually-striking and chilling sacrifice, which should’ve belonged to Leia, but I’m not complaining because it was still amazing, the fight between Finn and Captain Phasma, Driver’s shirtless scene and, of course, PORGS.

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