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She's Gotta Have It

by Imani Coaxum - Staff Writer
Tue, Jan 30th 2018 10:00 pm

Spike Lee reboots and revises his 1986 film, and it relates so closely to today’s society.

“She’s Gotta Have It” is a spin on Spike Lee’s 1986 film with the same characters and definitely the same great storyline. Nola Darling, portrayed by DeWanda Wise, is an artist and quite a free spirit to boot. She loves who she wants, how she wants, whenever she wants and seems to find no problem with this. 

 Nola is dating three men. Greer Childs, portrayed by Cleo Anthony, is her narcissistic lover who just cannot seem to get enough of himself and Nola. Mars Blackmon, portrayed by Anthony Ramos, is her youthful lover with the biggest heart. Jamie Overstreet, portrayed by Lyriq Bent, is her sophisticated and mature lover. He himself is quite entangled in his own relationship trouble with a broken marriage. He is still legally with his wife, yet them being together romantically is a no. 

 Nola also has a near and dear bond with her artwork. She paints to her heart’s desire all while keeping up with her many side hustles. She is determined to get her artwork out and shared with the world and her Fort Greene neighborhood. Nola is also one that lives in her head. She marches to the beat of her own drum proudly and shows no remorse toward her odd relationship status. Her lovers do, however. Nola’s lovers all want more of her time. But she finds her way out of the “commitment” talk every time with each of the men. 

As for her artwork, she gets her paint brush to the canvas at the spark of any idea. This leads to her silent art campaign called “My Name is Not”, which adorned all of Fort Greene. 

Things seem to get tangled up when Nola has her artwork on display and all three of her lovers show up to the same event. From then on, the three flood her with questions of her commitment to them. Not only that, an art critic completely rains on Nola’s parade of hopes and dreams. He mentions that she is disconnected from her artwork and of course from her lovers. In search of purpose and inspiration, Nola finds a way to break her multiple relations to each of her lovers and creates a new piece of artwork that is connected to her. She invites the men to her house for a festive dinner and the night surprisingly ends in music and dancing.

“She’s Gotta Have It” is a show that you will start to watch and have a hard time stopping. It tackles many current issues and events that follow 2017, like the presidential election and the beginning of a new era with Donald Trump. You will surely laugh, shed a tear and even a burst of rage because Nola Darling relates to us more than we think. 

You can find season one of the show on Netflix. But definitely take your time finishing the season because it is easy to get caught up in how amazing the show is. 

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