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Spring: the season of new beginnings and motivation

by Alyssa Daley - Editor in chief
Tue, Jan 30th 2018 10:00 pm

It is just the beginning of the spring semester. It is now officially 2018, two years away from when American psychic Jeane Dixon predicted that Armageddon would take place. This year is also an election year. All 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate are up for grabs. And there are many other state and local elections that will be taking place as well. As this is the spring semester, we can also begin looking forward to warmer temperatures. We’ve already gotten a taste of how nice 50 degrees can feel after the slew of negative and one digit temperatures Brockport experienced over winter break. Besides being only two years away from a supposed apocalypse, the rest of these facts add on to the excitement and optimism that has arrived with the start of a new year and a new semester. 

Many of us have spent a decent amount of hours color coding and organizing to make sure this semester will be just as good, if not better, than the fall. We’ve spent a hundred-plus dollars on textbooks and are whispering to ourselves, “There is only a little over five weeks until spring break. I can do this.”  

We may have only just started, but knowing how much longer the torture of homework, tests and presentations will have before we get a much deserved break always helps to keep motivation at an optimal level. As we prepare for that inevitable one to two weeks where seemingly every assignment for every course is due, I wanted to help by providing some key ways to continue this abundance of self-motivation that most of us still have in the second week of the semester. 

According to positivityblog.com, one of the best ways to keep up the productivity is by negotiating deals with yourself. If you want to take this literally, feel free to get dressed in your most formal attire and stand in front of the mirror. The best way to start off any business transaction is to give the person you’re bargaining with the staredown, just to make sure they know you’re confident in your position and aren’t going to take any crap from them. 

Yes, you’re having this negotiation with yourself so when you sign the contract you’ll have to hold yourself accountable. For instance, if I told myself, “Now Alyssa, if you finish filling out all of these scholarship applications you can go eat dinner with your suitemates,” I better make sure I finish those applications before I allow myself to go get dinner, otherwise the cycle of procrastination will set in. 

Another effective way of motivating yourself is by acting like you’re motivated. Pretend you are your favorite award-winning actor/actress, then sit down with a to-do list and give a stand-up performance until you begin actually feeling focused on completing the tasks. 

Role models and idols are a great motivator as well.  It’s not healthy to want to be exactly like someone else, but it is a positive push to do well if you aspire to be well-organized or accomplish your goals like someone you look up to. I like Jennifer Lawrence as an actress and a person, but do I look up to her for life tips? Not really, unless I generically say that I want to be as successful in my own field as she is in acting. Pick someone who you respect and who has certain life habits that you wish to incorporate into your own life.

For many people, the fear of failure can be crippling when it comes to productivity and motivation. If you have a standard quality that you expect your work to be and you know before even starting it that factors like time and resources are going to prohibit that piece from being as successful as you wish it to be, it’s hard to even begin completing the project or task. One of the ways to counteract that is to stop being so afraid to be less than perfect. It’s a hard thing to do and really there’s no process set in place that allows people to completely change their way of thinking to a healthier one, but it can’t hurt to try. 

Going into this semester, try to remain vigilant in all areas of your life. Don’t let one area negatively influence another and don’t allow yourself to slip up in one area to the point of no return. If you feel like you are, don’t be afraid to ask for help, but make sure to do so before you’ve hit rock bottom. Let’s try to remain optimistic and driven from the first week of the semester up to finals week.



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