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From fantasy to finance, there's a club for you

by Tori Martinez - Managing Editor
Tue, Jan 30th 2018 10:00 pm

Going to college is about getting an education and earning a degree that will help us find a career, but it is also a time to make friends, gain work experience outside of the classroom and have a good time. Whether you are in it to help build your resume, make a difference on campus or in the world, or just have fun, we are fortunate to have more than 150 clubs, associations and organizations to choose from at Brockport. There are clubs that line up with different ideals and will make our college experience about more than just going to class.

Highlighted below of some of the options students have when it comes to choosing an extracurricular. These clubs and organizations have been established on this campus for a year or more. 

Cultural clubs like the African Student Union and Caribbean Student Association are open to all Brockport students. They aim to promote diversity on campus and in our communities, as well as celebrate and educate other students about their histories. These clubs, as well as others like the Organization of Students of African Descent, Men of Color and Association of Latino American Students, also work to make our college a more inclusive place for all people, whether they do so by holding a solidarity walk to promote equality and acceptance, or by hosting workshops and community conversations that open the door to necessary dialogue between college and community members.

Spiritual clubs on campus include Brockport Muslim Student Association, Brothers and Sister in Christ, and Pagan Club, among others. These clubs allow people from all religious and spiritual backgrounds to learn about and practice the given religion(s). They can also make it easier to form friendships, as well as designate time to practice your spiritually during what may feel like a busy time that doesn’t allow you to practice as much as you wish.

There are also many ways to give back to the community by joining a service organization. Groups like Men of Color and Alpha Phi Omega focus on community service through volunteering. Many larger groups, such as our five recognized Greek life organizations, also have a heavy focus on service and giving back to the community, while also programing large scale social events.

Many of the clubs we have on campus are purely for fun or stress release, like the Harry Potter fan club Dumbledore’s Army or Brockport Gaming Association (there’s also a separate Brockport Magic: The Gathering Club). Some, however, are geared toward specific majors. These clubs offer students the opportunity to network with other majors at Brockport and local professionals. Students also have the chance to gain work or internship experience in fields related to their major, as well as educate in ways that students may not have access to in classes. 

The Accounting Society, for example, is a “supportive and small club that brings speakers from firms and organizations with accounting experience to educate and give real-life advice,” according to its page on myBrockport.

One of the great things about clubs related to majors is that you do not have to be majoring in that field to join the club. Arts for children is a major at the college, but anyone can join the Arts for Children Club. The goal of the club is to “further students’  education out of the classroom by giving them one-on-one training with children, while also giving back to the community by getting children involved with the arts,” which is not exclusive to just majors. Having previous experience in a specific field or major is not required.

If you’re looking for a club where you can be creative and get published or broadcast, consider joining English Club, The Stylus, Talon Television, 89.1 The Point or Golden Eagle Records. This is great experience for anyone involved in English, journalism or music, but having a major closely related to any is not necessary in order to join. 

English Club and The Stylus offer you the chance to be published in a literary magazine or newspaper, while Talon Television and The Point give you the opportunity to put your voice online and on the air. 

Golden Eagle Records, formerly known as Screaming Eagle Records, helps you record your own music, as well as provide opportunities throughout the semester to perform at events. Golden Eagle Records was formed two years ago by Brockport alum Jordan Sommers, who recognized that no other colleges in the country had a record label and decided that Brockport should be the first.

Maybe by the time you finished reading this you discovered there isn’t a club or organization that interests you. In that case, why not create one? At Brockport, we also have the option of kick starting a brand new club. Brockport VEG club and Sonore, for example, popped up on campus just last year. If there is interest in starting a new club on campus, visit The Space downstairs in the basement of the Seymour College Union.

Check back in next week when The Stylus focuses on some of the lesser-known clubs that were created within this academic school year, as well as any possible new clubs to come this semester. 

For more information on clubs and organizations, visit my.brockport.edu.



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