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Counterfeit cash hits local businesses

by Breonnah Colon - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Jan 30th 2018 09:00 pm

As a university hosting several thousand students who live both on and off campus, The College at Brockport serves as a home to students near and far. While the majority of students were away and school perhaps the last thing on their minds, there was some trouble brewing within the neighboring Village of Brockport. With  large decrease in student activity, community members might have assumed they were free of rambunctious activity and by further extent crime. However, that assumption would prove to be wrong. While students were away, the village’s businesses were amongst several of many plagued by an attempted use of counterfeit bills within the greater Rochester area.

While such an event might be alarming for local residents, it isn’t anything new to the Rochester Police Department which has issues reports in an influx of counterfeit bills within and near the surrounding Rochester area. According to an article by the Democrat and Chronicle, individuals are turning single dollar bills into $100 bills through a process that involves washing the bills in order to maintain the fabric and reprinting the $100 stamp. The article also explains such counterfeiters then cover the bill’s blue security strip with tape in order to give it the feel of an authentic $100 bill.

At least six different businesses within the village were victims of the alleged criminal act according to an article by 13 WHAM news. The article explains suspects handed over fake $100 bills to clerks after making small purchases, leaving with the change. Since most businesses in the village are run by local residents, such crimes can prove to be extremely detrimental to the overall business revenue and given how small the village is, the effect of several businesses being targeted can be quite eye opening.

However, Brockport’s tight knit community is not one to stand idly by and be victimized. Shortly after the false bills were used, four suspects were arrested in connection to the crime. 24- year old Foday Feika along with 20 year-old Hillary Dweh and two other suspects, one of whom was a minor was arrested and charged according to a report by 13 WHAM. While those suspects have been detained, the RPD encourages business owners it he area to remain alert and stay vigilant regarding the bills they are handed, especially since faux bills are still circulating in the area.

Many students returning to campus have little to know knowledge of the event. Despite being aware of the prevalence of the use of counterfeit money throughout the country, junior Bryce Freling was still shocked by such an event taking place so close to home.

“It’s surprising,” Freling said. “I would be concerned that it circulates around and it might get to me and look like I was trying to use counterfeit money.”

Freling’s concern are only logical following the current events, however, it is to the benefit of police, local residents and students alike to remain as updated about the situation as possible as well as pay attention to the bill circulating. At the end of the day, crime stops for no one, but affects everyone.

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