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Caviar catastrophe: Government shutdown plagues the rich

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Jan 30th 2018 08:00 pm

Well folks, here we are, back at it again. The Trump shenanigans never seem to take a break. Naturally, we have all pricked an ear, at least in a moment of curiosity, at the latest government shutdown. It did not fail to spawn a fair share of drama.

In this climate of constant political incompetence, distrust and disillusionment, most of the drama came from something that has  little to do with the politics of the state. Rather, our little slice of Trump drama comes from the politics of the social environment. More specifically the society of the super rich.

According to CNN, guests paid $100,000 to attend a recent anniversary  party, and $250,000 to be seated at the same table as Trump. It may be a tad dramatic of myself to call them the super rich, but who else can blow $100,000 on a single dinner? That’s right, people with the dough to spare and then some who really broke out the big bills in order to attend the dinner in honor of Trump. The dinner was meant to celebrate Trump’s first complete year as president. Some people really  paid as much as $250,000 to have a seat at the same table with our nation's fearless leader.

Unfortunately for these esteemed fans of our president, their money was poorly spent. Due to the aforementioned government shutdown, Trump was unable to even leave the national capital to attend the party being held in his honor.

Another aspect of this story which grabbed the media's attention was the lack of standard set-up at the event  itself. The caviar, specifically, was being  served with plastic spoons rather than the traditional wooden spoons one should serve with caviar. One of the guests  posted a picture on Instagram, complaining profusely of the etiquette error. Of course the attention made from this mistake created even more brilliant and hilarious backlash. Those who worry more about paying rent and getting their next meal that doesn't come with microwaving instructions are far more concerned with the state of the nation than the kind of spoons used  at the $100,000 dinner that the highest of falutin folks are attending.

Personally, I think the whole thing, beginning to end, is just an absolute laugh. The fact that these rich people got duped by circumstance puts a warm spot in my heart. It is simply too much of a mounting task to ask me to feel sorry for a person wasting $100,000. If you can “waste” that much money, then you don’t need my sympathy, especially if you’re that excited to celebrate a man like Donald Trump. This whole celebration is just a microcosmic model of the disconnection between the rich and poor. From a man who thinks $1 million is a small loan, to the people willing to spend up to $250,000 just to sit next to that man, there seems to be a lack of understanding on what the rest of the nation needs. 

If you want me to feel bad for Trump, who had to stay in Washington, D.C. and do his job instead of celebrate himself, it’s not going to happen. If you want me to feel bad for the people who spent so much money on a dinner that ended up not worth their time, an amount some people rack up in college debt in pursuit  of continuing their education, it’s just not going to happen. Karma gave these rich sons of guns what they deserved. Sometimes all the money in the world can’t stop you from getting screwed over. 

As for their caviar, well, I understand. There are certain things that are tradition. You might get the same reaction if you hand the wrong person the wrong brand of beer. Everyone is particular about something in their life, but when it comes on the back of the super rich, ranting and raving online as if the very end of the world was at hand, I can’t help but laugh. The culture of the rich, a culture that Trump is well accustomed to, is too far removed from the culture that average everyday people experience. This is just a beautiful instance of the common folk getting a good laugh at their expense.

This doesn’t even delve into the political reasons why Trump was unable to attend in the first place. According to USA Today, this is the first time a government shutdown has happened when one party has controlled both the White House and chamber of congress. So Trump and the rich folks at Mar-a-lago got screwed by the very party they put so much faith in. Wow, it really just keeps getting better and better. I suppose Trump got at least one thing out of this – if he plans on running again in 2020, he’ll already have his slogan ready: “Make caviar great again.”

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