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by Ashley Dee - 89.1 The Point
Sat, Dec 9th 2017 05:00 pm

As a self titled album, “Sinomatic” introduces a more mid-to-fast, tempo-distorted pop rock feel. Originally based in the ‘80s and ‘90s, a majority of this album revolves around a love song vibe. Starting with the intro song “Bloom”, this represents the group so well. The sick guitar solos in the middle gives it their punk rock feel while the vocals mesh just right throughout. 

With their second song “You’re Mine”, as heard in the movie “Joyride”, there are a lot of repeating verses with more guitar then expected but it still remains loyal to it’s album theme of love and worshiping the women within their lives. This ties into the next two songs “What Love Is” and “Candyskin”, which is more pop than anything. They still manage to make it all about the girl, making this an amazing song to play for that special lady in your life. For their fourth song, “Tell a Lie”, moves onto a more serious note, right back with their guitar solos. This would definitely be played during a breakup, when it catches you in the feels the most. 

Their next few songs “Girlfriend”, “Feel Alive”, and “My Time” are very upbeat with an enthusiastic sound. Seeing as though they are about reuniting with the love of their lives, it makes sense why these would be so positive. This goes on to describe their last few songs on the album also, “Leave Me Tomorrow”, “One Life”, and “7 Days”. Overall, this album did in fact seem very repetitive in the sense that their songs ran along similar content each time, however, they made it work to their advantage. With the pop-rock feel along with this content, their songs can be listened to day in and day out without any wear and tear to their name. It’s not the type of music a lot of people are used to today but it can still work. 

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