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Sex, robots and ethics

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Wed, Dec 6th 2017 11:00 am
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There’s no denying humans are using technology to become more efficient and less social, doing everything they can to save time and avoid unnecessary human interaction. Fast food restaurants and some sit-down restaurants now allow you to order via tablets just three feet away from the employees who could take your order, and almost every grocery store has a self-checkout line. 

According to Venturebeat Business, Americans text twice as much as they use voice call. By next year, it wouldn’t be surprising if ordering on tablets or online instead of in person becomes the new norm. Although it can have its benefits, this whole “not interacting with humans” trend has crossed the line with new and hyped-up sex robots, or, androids.

Samantha the sex robot is the Barcelonan prototype for a hyper-realistic sex robot that was created to look and feel real, one-upping your classic sex dolls.  Not only is she physically realistic, but she also has a processor and controller that goes in her head. The chip inside of her allows her to have her own thoughts and learn your personality so she knows how to respond and empathize with you. Apparently, this android can be seduced. The sensors in her face, hands and breasts stimulate heat in the genitalia area of her body based on how and where you touch her.

Designer of Samantha, Sergi Santos, claims that for future robots, they’ll develop a setting that will allow the robots to orgasm accordingly. If that’s not disgusting enough, they will also be created with their own set of moral codes, making them able to differentiate between right and wrong and have the ability to “spot nice people.”

There are an infinite number of things wrong with a man preferring a bloodless piece of metal shaped as a real woman to the real, human alternative. The fact that they’re created only for men’s sexual pleasure is stupid, and while they can show emotion, they are still being a slave to the man, always doing what he says and having sex whenever he wants.  

A 2017 BBC documentary, “Can Robots Love Us?” follows James Young, a double amputee, who goes around meeting with scientists and different robots to determine whether or not robots can actually feel emotions. One of the robots he met with was Samantha and her creators, Santos and his partner.

Santos explained that Samantha takes 15 seconds to respond so she doesn’t interrupt continuously while you speak. After all, who likes a woman who interrupts? That’s why the sex robot is so “great”, because they “listen.” To activate her “sexy mode,” Santos simply says, “get sexy” and Samantha responds with “I think I’m ready for some stuff” and makes loud, creepy moans while he touches her.

 “It was really something being in the room with two grown men groping their creation in what seems to be in inappropriate ways,” Young said after he left the awkward interaction with the sex robot and her creators. “It almost doesn’t feel consensual. She’s built for it, but she didn’t really ask for it; she’s programmed to ask for it.”

Think what you will about sex robots and how it’s a total insult to all women and just plain nauseating, but what we should really focus on is the future of humanity and how we’re on a downward slope to the apocalypse.

So, what does the future hold? Will sex robots be a normal part of life? Will we be able to marry them? Will they become more intelligent than us and kill us all? Will we become them? That’s how the world will end- not with a bang but with an “I think I’m ready for some stuff

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