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"Pulling Leaves Off Trees" The Wallows

by Amanda Berg - Staff Writer
Tue, Nov 28th 2017 10:45 pm

One of the best new songs to come out in the past few weeks is from an emerging band, Wallows. Straight out of California, the band features “13 Reasons Why” star Dylan Minnette and his two buds. While they’ve only released four singles since last spring, they are a band that are totally going to make it big in the indie/alternative rock scene, especially given the amount of publicity Dylan gets from the show. 

Their latest single came out just last week and feels like it’s straight out of a sunny movie scene. Picture riding with the top down along a California coastal highway with a goofy dog in the passenger seat. Titled “Pulling Leaves Off Trees,” it’s lyrically and instrumentally a work of art. 

The guitar work is outstanding and refreshingly a different sound in comparison to typical 2017 music. The lyrics are poetic, but with sense of urgency and alarm. For example, the idea that watching the news right now will trigger depression. 

It’s just in general a super relatable song about finally being able to be there for someone that you haven’t been able to support because of your own mental health — a stressful theme that has repeatedly shown up in their other singles, too. 

Their first single, “Pleaser”, is an ode to not being able to please that special someone by being too shy. Their second single, “Sun Tan”, similarly expresses the feeling of being a “loser” because he can never find the motivation to put effort into a relationship. All of their songs just continue to repeat that these dudes can’t find the right words to express themselves, which is ironic given how lyrical and personal their songs are. 

Wallows is very close to another emerging band, Precious Kid, which is similarly an indie/alternative rock band led by Justine Dorsey, the sister of Dylan Minnette’s girlfriend, actress Kerris Dorsey. A quick social media search will prove that the two bands are constantly promoting each other. Precious Kid is another brand new hidden gem band with only two singles out, but like The Wallows, it will be highly worth the wait for new music. 

“Pulling Leaves Off Trees” comes not long after the announcement of their first tour this winter, which promises more new music as they hit a bunch of cities around the U.S. and Canada. In less than a year, Wallows is becoming increasingly popular, and it can only go up. Wallows is for sure a 5-star band that cannot get enough love. 

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