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"Love and Hip Hop"

by Imani Coaxum - Staff Writer
Tue, Nov 28th 2017 10:00 pm

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” is one of those infamous drama TV shows that you love but hate all at once.  This week’s episode consisted of watching brews of cast drama simmer and rise, starting with Anais and Ashley. Anais is a singer, all about pursuing a successful singing career. Ashley designs clothing and works by her boyfriend’s side producing Anais’s career. Anais sends quite provocative photos to her manager to seek his approval of her “look”, and Ashley is not for it; however, the two were able to sit down and handle their differences as two adult women should. 

On the other hand, Dream Doll, another new cast member who is seeking to pursue a singing career as well, has some drama coming her way. Dream Doll is good friends with quite a lot of people, and this puts her in a weird place between her rapper friends, Bre and Bianca. These two have had a growing tension with each other for years now, and there is no good chance in this world that the two would ever get along. These two could not sit in the same room, even if they were paid to, which they are. Dream Doll finds a bright idea to sit with Bianca to discuss her problem with her friend Bre. This turns sour very soon. The discussion ends with Dream Doll and Bianca agreeing to disagree, but in terms of the worst possible thing happening. It was absolutely pointless for Dream Doll to sit with Bianca to discuss what her problem is with Bre. It should be written in stone to never get in between friend drama, because it will only backfire on you.

On a lighter note, everyone’s favorite rap couple Papoose and Remy Ma have been in the process of expanding their blended family. Remy Ma miscarried on her first try, but now they are taking the IVF route and she is very hopeful for its success. However, Juju, who is dating rapper Cam’ron, hit her with reality bearing questions, these being what if the IVF treatment is not successful the first time around, and how would she handle it? It broke Remy Ma down because she had already faced failure with her miscarriage. She is so determined to have a child with the man she loves that the thought of not being able to have a baby with Papoose breaks her down. And it broke us down as we watched. 

 Mariahlynn, rap artist, had been flaunting her new boo for a few episodes but things sure hit the fan this week. James R, who is also an artist, felt offended when his boo failed to take his side in an argument with her manager DJ Self. He immediately takes action and gets well acquainted with a new boo by the name of Sophia Body. Her name explains itself. Mariahlynn is caught off guard at the sight of Sophia and James R all bubbly and chatty at his video shoot that she was unaware of. And of course things get messy. 

What is a “Love and Hip Hop” episode without drama? 

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