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Scrub this semester's stress away

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Nov 28th 2017 10:00 pm

You look up at the sky, and you see it plastered horizon to horizon with thick grey clouds. You go in your closet and dig out your big heavy coat and thick woolen mittens, take a glance down at your desk to see all your final assignments piling on top of one another, and take a deep breath,holding back a scream… it’s the end of the semester.

 Not only does it seem that the stress of school is out to get you, but you writhe your hands nervously and realize that your dry skin has returned, determined to hammer in the last nail of your finals coffin.

BSG sought to quell some of that anxiety, and some of that dry skin with their event, “Love your own skin.” The event was geared towards students who needed to treat themselves and their skin to some soothing. 

The event was held in the main lounge of the Seymour College Union and featured a menagerie of lotions and other skin products that you could make yourself. One of the event coordinators Jacob Shea summed up the event quite nicely. 

“Just kind of a relaxed environment, where people can just destress,” Shea said. “Essential oils, a lot of people believe they can help calm you or help you sleep.”

The event featured many products that included essential oils in the recipe. These were included in order to reduce the stress levels of students. Many believe that essential oils contain properties which can help one reduce their anxiety to a certain degree, a helpful side effect when the pounding drums of finals week are bounding across the calendar and closer in the syllabus. Essential oils are not just used in skin care products, but also in aromatherapy and have a history of use dating all the way back 6,000 years to ancient Egypt.

The event included several products which students could make for themselves, including coconut oil salt scrub, lip scrub, essential oil scrub and even a leave in hair conditioner. 

Though the event was small, many of the people passing through the union at the time seemed to be drawn it to the event. So many in fact that the event planners had to acquire more materials for the products to accommodate the large number of people taking advantage of the event.

Late November can be the peak stress point of many peoples’ years. There are a lot of factors which coalesce here at the end of the year to work against our better states of mind. Then there are of course the big things, finals. 

Everyone is always stressed to some degree about the test of tests in each class which can make the difference between an A and a B, or more precariously, a C and a D. There are also the holidays. Though it’s supposed to be the season of open hearts and giving, it often becomes the season of deals, pushing and shoving, grumpy cold people, and stress. 

Finally, perhaps less considered as a point of stress is seasonal depression. Many people often find their mood taking a large dip when everyday they have to look up at grey skies and look down at sloshy piles of half melting snow, dead grass and dug up mud.

So in the spirit of self-care and destressing at this unfortunately stressful time of the year, BSG lugged out the mason jars, the essential oils and the salt scrubs to help students take the edge off before the end of the semester this year.

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