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African Student Union brings the Congo to campus

by Breonnah Colón - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Nov 14th 2017 10:00 pm

Africa is one of the biggest continents on the planet, with a population of over one billion people. Most confuse the continent name with its countries, thinking that like Australia, the continent and the country it holds is one and the same. However, this idea is completely false. In fact, the continent houses more than 50 different countries, each with its own culture, history and language. It is important to remember that just because two people are from Africa, it does not mean they share the same culture or even speak the same language.

 It is for this exact reason that The College at Brockport’s African Student Union (ASU) hosts its annual “Explore Africa” event.

The event is held once a year and focuses on one of the many countries that make up the African continent. This year, the event will focus on the Congo Democratic Republic. 

The Congo has quite a bloody history, with colonialism and civil war ripping the country apart and turning its inhabitants against one another. Yet, despite the hardship faced by natives, the culture and history of the Congo has been preserved and continues to thrive.

The ASU President Jeraldine Morrison considers the event an opportunity for the diverse cultures of African nations to have a moment in the spotlight, where students can learn about different customs practiced throughout the continent.

“I love Explore Africa because it allows for other cultures to be represented on this campus that wouldn’t normally get the recognition,” Morrison wrote in an email. 

Students who attend the event can expect Congolese decorations as well as customary food, music and dance. There will also be mention of current events taking place within the country in order to help students become more aware of the current societal state, and a speech from a fellow Brockport professor who was actually born and raised in the The Congo.

ASU openly promotes the heritage and history of African countries as well as celebrates the cultures of each country proudly. However, the club is not in any way limited to only students of African descent and welcomes anyone interested in learning about Africa with open arms.

Explore Africa: The Congo will be held this Friday, Nov. 17, at 7 p.m. in the Seymour College Union ballroom. Tickets for the event are running for $2.

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