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"What if Nothing" Walk the Moon

by Amanda Berg - Staff Writer
Tue, Nov 14th 2017 10:00 pm

Just released November 10, the album “What if Nothing” by alternative pop band Walk the Moon is a fun, truthful experiment into the depths of the genre. 

Famous for the summer 2015 hit “Shut Up and Dance,” Walk the Moon has had a taste of success. 

This new album delivers mostly upbeat, catchy tunes that make the listener want to dance. The lyrics are relatable and are developed in comparison to “shut up and dance with me.” 

The first single released off the album was “One Foot” which is already showing signs to be another popular hit. The beat is catchy, and it gives off a feeling of companionship and trust. It’s the type of song to listen to in the car with a lover, or with a group of friends as well. 

The lines, “Cross my heart and hope to die/ Taking this one step at a time/ I got your back if you got mine/ Oh, one foot in front of the other” are among many that give listeners that gut feeling of nostalgia. 

Nostalgia is the perfect word to describe the overall vibe of the album. For example, “Surrender” is just one of the songs that have that 80’s synth-throwback feel. A recurring lyrical theme is the “wilderness” from the titles of songs like “Lost in the Wild” and “Tiger Teeth” to verses hidden throughout the different records throughout the album. 

Apple Music describes the LP as “crushing” and “caffeinated,” which couldn’t be more accurate. There’s so much fun lurking in every track, it’s hard to resist not listening to the album in its entirety on the first go. 

To Walk the Moon, life and love seem to be a playful adventure that everyone listening will definitely want to be a part of.  The album is still brand new to the world, but it’s definitely going places. 

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