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"III" Makthaverskan

by Lou Venditti - News Editor
Tue, Nov 7th 2017 09:00 pm

Makthaverskan fit the taste of a certain kin — the Swedish band has all but ignored its countrymen, building soundscapes of lush vocals and fuzzed out riffs. The band exists as a direct contradiction to the happy go lucky pop scene of Gothenburg, living as a reaction in darkness. Add a dose of 90’s alternative rock angst with lots of amp feedback, and you get “III”, Makthaverskan’s latest effort.

Vocalist Maja Milner has recovered from her wounds that she opened up on “II”. The wounds healed, but Milner pinches at the scars. Milner is cynical, still, crying out about the woes of humanity for most of “III”. 

“We build barricades, there’s so much hate,” Milner croons on “Eden”. She sings, “Humanity equals misery, there’s nothing here to see.”

Milner is full of love despite her cynicism, however. With all of her love to give, it just never seems to work out. In “Leda”, one of the best Makthaverskan songs to date, she sings of her missing lover who has gone on the road. 

“There is no one like you who cares to see me through,” Milner sings. “And are you coming back to this town any time soon?”

In “Vienna”, Milner confronts everything she wants and sends it back out the door. In “In My Dreams”, she confirms that love is only possible in a fantasy. These songs are drenched in sadness, loud hi-hats and jangly guitars. Milner sings as a survivor of heartbreak, no longer fighting, but rather accepting the loss she’s been handed.

Milner reaches her peak angst on the penultimate track of the record “Comfort”. The song follows II’s “No Mercy” in Milner’s head-on confrontation towards her once abuser. The post-punk jam hits a fever pitch where Milner croons softly over fuzzed out guitars.

“Learn to control yourself, it will play you on,” Milner sings. “And his mistakes took our youth, stay here and stay free.”

The band takes their wildest step outside of their comfort zone with “Witness”. The song was released two years ago as a single but finally made it onto a full length album. The band self describes the album as an indulgence into Iron Maiden, while Milner tortures herself over the roaring guitars. 

“Who will survive, who will survive?” Milner asks over and over.

Makthaverskan is ever advancing, building onto the sounds they’ve crafted so well over their first releases. It all culminates with “III”, with Milner reaching new heights and treading into new post-punk territory. Makthaverskan isn’t any less somber on “III” than the band has been in the past.

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