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SEFA gives employees a way to give back

by Breonnah Cólon - Lifestyles editor
Tue, Nov 7th 2017 09:00 pm

College campuses are known for being a hub of information; students are constantly rallying for one cause or another, cultures are being explored and shared and each individual brings their own sense of purpose to the greater campus. While we tend to think of students as advocates, faculty and staff are equally as busy hosting and attending different events that impact the community. Impacting the community is exactly what the staff here at The College at Brockport is doing with their participation in the State Employees Federated Appeal campaign.

The campaign is a cause aimed at giving college faculty and staff members the opportunity to participate in donating to different charities. 

According to the SEFA brochure, which can be found on the Brockport website, “SEFA is the only authorized solicitation of State employees in their workplaces on behalf of approved charitable organizations. Through SEFA, state employees can support charities of their choice through a single pledge, easily paid through a payroll deduction.”

The brochure goes on to explain that SEFA is a program which takes place in 23 different local campaigns all working to raise money for different “philanthropic fundraisers” within the United States. In 2014 alone, the program was able to accumulate over $5 million. It works through volunteers managing local SEFA committees who have the job of working to determine the “admission determinations,” for which charities will be donated to. 

The brochure offers a list of charities which meet SEFA guidelines for eligibility so that staff members can have an in depth understanding of the organizations they may be donating money to. Brockport has had a history of participating in the SEFA campaign. In fact, college president, Heidi Macpherson, Ph.D., wrote to the college’s faculty community through the college website, inviting them to continue their admirable participation. 

In a message regarding the campaign, Macpherson wrote, “Our history supporting the [SEFA] campaign is another example of what makes Brockport a great place at which to work.”

In her message, Macpherson also explains to the college’s faculty that this year’s campaign goal has increased by approximately five percent from that of last year’s to $45,000. She also explains who this year’s SEFA campaign co-chairs and committee members are. Along with information regarding the campaign, faculty and staff members can also use the college’s website to get access to make a pledge to donate, as well as instructions on how to make a pledge.

Committee member, Brittany Lang, explained the college’s faculty and staff participation has been exceptional over the past years Brockport has been involved with the program.

“We have been running the SEFA campaign for many years now,” Lang wrote in an email. “Faculty and staff have stepped up to the plate and been wonderful about donating to the many organizations that  SEFA represents.”

Lang not only finds donations admirable because they require faculty and staff to give money from their own personal pay, but also because the campaign allows for an intimate support of charities that are important to donors participating.

“[The SEFA campaign] is wonderful because it allows people that wish to donate to designate their gift to an organization that truly matters to them,” Lang wrote. 

She went on to explain the goal for this year’s campaign, in addition to raising money for those in need, is to raise awareness for the benefits of the campaign throughout the brockport community. Many people aren’t aware of the charities that are right here in the Brockport community and Lang hopes to increase awareness so that local community members will benefit from the program.

Programs such as the SEFA campaign show not only students, but also local communities the impact college campuses can have. While frat parties and spring break bashes are typically what most people think about in reference to college campuses, there is actually a lot more. So next time you come across a college professor or other staff member, be sure to keep in mind how they may be contributing to your community right in front of your eyes.

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