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BSG votes "no" on legislation to hire first semester students

by Nicholas Mazur - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Nov 7th 2017 09:15 pm

Brockport Student Government meets every Friday in the Seymour College Union. There it has its weekly senate meeting, which any student is permitted to attend. Often this is where BSG also passed important legislation which can have varying repercussions on the student body in a myriad of ways. 

One of their most recent legislations that was discussed was L-61-17. This legislation was designed to lift the restriction on students, both freshmen and transfer, from applying to work for BSG. This restriction permitted only students who had completed a full semester at Brockport to apply for a position within BSG.

The legislation first came into question on Friday, Oct. 27 during a senate meeting. It was explained that this was the first notification of the legislation, meaning even if it was approved, it would still need to go through a second notification the following week before it would actually go into effect.

The legislation was discussed during this meeting for a considerable length of time, consisting of at least half the time of the total meeting. During that time the discussion of the merits of voting “yay” or “nay” for the legislation were discussed at length and with great vehemence by both individuals involved with BSG as well as students who were invested in having first semesters students have the option to join. 

Senator Jake McAllister spoke first on the subject once it was brought to attention, giving some of the first options on the subject “sometimes we might need a fresh point of view, and if they don’t get a job at BSG, then they’re just going to get a job somewhere else,” Senator McAllister said, “And that just means we’re losing another person who wants to be in brockport student government.” 

There were of course, opposing views on the subject. Activities Director Alexis Graesser a desire to keep freshmen from applying their first semester. 

“Working with first year students, they need time to adjust to college life,” Graesser said. “Some of my student still pull on the doors of the res hall to get in without swiping their idea.”

After a lengthy discussion in regard to the legislation, the senate took the issue to a vote. That too was a lengthy process. After an attempt to amend the legislation was made, then a failed attempt to call to question, the legislation passed and went on to second notification the following week.

The following Friday, Nov. 3, the second notification of the legislation came to the attention of the senate meeting. This discussion was far shorter than the one that took place the previous week during the first notification. This time the senate had a brief discussion about a amendment to remove the word freshmen form the legislation so that only first semester transfer students would be able to apply for BSG positions, rather than both first semester, first year student and first semester, transfer students. This amendment failed however. 

After there was a motion to table the issue until next week, owing mainly to the fact that there we several member of the senate meeting missing this week. That motion failed as well, and the actual legislation was taken to a final vote. 

This vote failed as well, ending the legislation altogether.

For someone not familiar with the procedure of legislation in BSG, this might have been slightly confusing, as many rudimentary things, like people having a chance to voice their opinions there is very strict protocol. However, BSG senators appear always willing and able to clarify the procedures they are required to follow as with the legislation. 

BSG meets every week and often encourages the idea that anyone may attend and add to the conversation that they feel strongly about.

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