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Campus shuttle connects students and drivers

by Isaac Deleon - Staff Writer
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 10:00 pm

You wake up to an alarm you pressed snooze on too many times. Your class starts in 15 minutes. You put some clothes on and run downstairs. You can’t miss this class again or you will fail. You run as fast as you can get around the corner and see you just missed the shuttle.

 As you contemplate whether school is worth it you look up to something, the shuttle has stopped, just for you. Looks like you’ll be making it to class today.  Stories like these and many more are daily occurrences on the famous Eagle Connect Shuttle. 

Sharon Lampo, self — proclaimed “shuttle pilot” has been a driver at The College at Brockport for about a year or as she says it her “third semester.” She was retired for a few years after working as security, but needed a change. After finding an advertisement for First Transit and getting a call back she found that it is the perfect job for her. 

Operating a shuttle full of students may sound like something out of a nightmare for most, but not for Lampo.

“I love working with the students,” Lampo said. “It makes my day a delight.” 

Even though her days can get long and stressful, she manages to find little ways to get through. She shockingly even said the students are a stress relief rather than stress inducers. 

“To pick someone up with a smile and say have a nice day and thank you, well that makes my day,” Lampo said. 

Although she has only had her bus for about a year, she tries hard to make things a little more personal for herself and for those who climb aboard. 

An example of this is a little sign her cousin made. It has her name on it and reads “Sharon the Shuttle Pilot”. 

Not only does this give her shuttle some style and flair, she says it’s made her enjoy her job more now because all the students actually know her name.

The shuttles are essential for some students on-campus. Without it, students like the ones at the College Suites with no car would be stuck there as almost no other form of transportation is easily and readily available to students.

The college must constantly look to  keep the bus in good standing. While Lampos acknowledges the work the campus administration puts in, she also pointed out there is always room for improvement.

“We get as much support from the college when available,” Lampos said. “I would like to see more Kiosks especially at lot T, there is no protection from the elements there.”

Lampo appreciates the changes taking place both throughout the campus and the Village of Brockport.

“The new sights on Holley Street are beautiful,” Lampo said. “I cannot wait for the plants to bloom in the spring.” 

Things will continue to carry on as usual on campus. Kids will have to wake up for those 8 a.m. classes; some will miss the shuttle some will not. But now students  have a friendly face to say hello to in the morning and hopefully stop for them too when they are running late for the shuttle. 

Next time you see Lampo or any one of the other drivers feel free to give them a bright smile and a sincere thank you. Not only will it help you start your day off well but it might just make their’s.

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