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Woody Allen's age gap obsession bleeds off screen

by Kristina Livingston - Executive Editor
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 10:00 pm
Photo taken from Wikimedia Commons 
Woody Allen is primarily famous for his work with films. However, his latest movie is bringing to light his long history of glorifying relationships between young women and much older men, reflecting his own life.
Photo taken from Wikimedia Commons Woody Allen is primarily famous for his work with films. However, his latest movie is bringing to light his long history of glorifying relationships between young women and much older men, reflecting his own life.

The man infamous for cheating on his wife with their ad- opted daughter, marrying said daughter and allegedly sexu- ally assaulting another adopted daughter, Woody Allen, is continuing his tragically respected legacy with the produc- tion of a new film, entitled “A Rainy Day in New York.”

A new Woody Allen movie? Where did he draw his inspiration from for this one? Let’s take a little look-see.

Sources are currently unsure as to the true age of the film’s female lead, according to indiewire.com. Actor Jude Law reportedly portrays a 44-year-old man who enters a sexual relationship with a young actress whom the audi- ence is meant to perceive as being 15-years-old, with the film’s plot twist allegedly being that the teenage girl insists she is in fact 21.

Despite there appearing to be a lack of consensus as the movie is very early in production, much of the substance here comes from the reality that either way. Whatever the true age of this character, this plot is geared towards those who enjoy pedophilic themes.

Mic compiled a report which looks at the age differ- ences between the heterosexual romances portrayed in Allen’s films, proving that, “even when the female char- acters in Allen’s films are of age, they’re often played by actresses who are considerably younger than the men with whom they’re paired on-screen.”

“Age is just a number,” people will say. Well, sure, it helps if something is legal, but when a director imple- ments such creepy themes of such drastic power dynamic differences which seem to parallel aspects of his own creepy, enigmatic life, I feel absolutely unnerved that such a person remains celebrated in his profession.

Why are moviegoers fascinated with older men preying upon young girls and women? I know the answer, and yet it doesn’t seem to stir a reaction amongst those with the power to say, “hey, maybe we should take the power out of the hands of men who clearly have complexes about

sleeping with literal children, and put it somewhere else.” If we look at the age differences Allen portrays, the characters tend to have around at least 10 years separating them, with the women being much younger. The report takes a look at 44 movies Allen has produced, with the largest gap being 40 years old between the actress and ac- tor involved. The most controversial and revolting appears in the 1979 film “Manhattan,” with Allen, at 43-years old, in a relationship with a 17-year old girl, with the actress

being 17 herself at the time, according to Mic.

There are many aspects about Allen’s life which make his obsession with this age dynamic increasingly terrible, including the fact that the director is now 81. It is defi- nitely presumptuous of me to make these connections be- tween Allen’s life and those of his characters, but to me, it

is nothing if not blatant.

He relies on affairs and age gaps to get his narratives

off the ground, and these also happen to be real life ex- periences of his. Should stories be censored? That’s defi- nitely not a relevant topic here, as what I want is for creeps to be kept out of creative spaces where women can easily be made vulnerable.

“A Rainy Day in New York” is set to star Elle Fanning and Selena Gomez, and if I’m being honest, I’m not sure to what degree I can fault them for being involved. I have no idea what pressures actresses have to endure, nor their individual opinions on being a part of such a project. I imagine that when you’re trying to make it, you take what you can get, and when an esteemed director such as Al- len offers you a role, it’s nothing more than a respected resume builder.

It seems to me that Allen is continually praised because of the caliber of talent that end up partaking in his proj- ects, something that I don’t foresee stopping until his career comes to a close.

So much time has passed since Allen made his first controversial tabloid headlines in having an affair with his daughter and abusing his other one, that there is no way he has not come to justify his actions in his mind. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t appear publicly with his wife 35 years his junior with whom he committed infidelity.

It is when predators such as Allen are not ashamed

of their vile nature that they are the most dangerous and regarded as powerful titans in show business. I can only hope that moviegoers who attend screenings of “A Rainy Day in New York” are able to understand these connec- tions and feel at least some sort of disgust with the way young women are viewed and valued.

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