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Illogical ruling: magistrate charges victim same as attackers

by Breonnah Colon - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 10:00 pm

We live in a real topsy-turvy world, where so many things can make your head spin. I’m sure most of us have heard a story or two that just completely makes us question everything we know.

Typically I’m all for the mind-boggling stories because I love trying to see things from a different perspective and understanding a situation from another person’s point of view — that’s what diversity is after all, right? 

Be that as it may, this time around my view is a bit more conservative, let’s say, and it’ll be quite ironic given the context of the situation I’m talking about.

A couple of months ago, in August to be exact, there was a rally of white supremacists, nationalists, neo-nazis and Ku Klux Klan members who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia. The march was carried out in order to “Unite the Right” and stand up for all the white people in America who are offended by the fact that other groups of people believe they are equally as important and integral in the foundation, function and progress of this country. 

With all of their snowflake fragility and false sense of entitlement, the marchers participated in the typical psychological phenomenon of groupthink. According to psyr.org, groupthink is a term that refers to the circumstance of a group making “faulty decisions” due to group pressures, which then leads to the breakdown of “mental efficiency, reality testing and moral judgment.” 

It’s important to know that people who participate in groupthink tend to share the same background, as well as have a set of opinions that do not consider any alternative viewpoint. So basically, it’s a group of people who get carried away together and do things they would never do alone because they feel secure in their number to get away with atrocities. 

When we apply that definition and the circumstances to the white supremacist march, we can see a line of green checkmarks going down the list. As for the march ending in an atrocity — there was a woman who was murdered by one of the marchers who purposefully drove his car into a group of anti-protestors.

However, the tragedy did not end there; apparently there was another incident that took place as a result of the march. 

Deandre Harris, a black man, was viciously beaten by a group of white supremacists in a parking garage following the rally, according to New York Post

The attack was caught on video and quickly spread across social media sites such as Facebook, fueling outrage and despair.

Now here’s the head spinning, makes-you-question-everything-you-know part: a local magistrate issued a warrant for the arrest of the victim of the attack, Deandre Harris, meaning he faces the same charges as his attackers.

Mind boggling, I know.

According to The Washington Post, Harold Ray Crews, a self-proclaimed “southern nationalist,” reported that he was injured by Harris during the brawl.

Now let’s go over Harris’ injuries, shall we?

Harris experienced a head laceration, which required 10 stitches, as well as a spinal injury. Taking everything into consideration, it would only be logical that Harris attempted to protect himself and even fought back.

I mean, who wouldn’t? 

Even so, the six white supremacists managed to leave Harris unconscious in the parking lot. Less than two days later, there was a warrant for his arrest.

I am surprised at the gall of the individuals who were able to be strong and capable enough to target and attack one man, yet report their same victim for injuries that occurred during the attack they initiated. 

The sheer cowardice and spineless actions that took place by those so called people, who were so willing to cause pain and devastation to someone else solely because they are incapable of and unwilling to accept the fact that they are not the only people to exist in this world, is absolutely astonishing. 

Not only did they they find it acceptable to act in the way they did, but they also weren’t able to deal with the consequences of their vile actions, which makes the whole matter worse.

Here’s the moral of the story: first and foremost, don’t ever think you have the right to attack someone ever, especially if you wouldn’t do it alone. However, if you are someone who has the mindset where that's acceptable, at least have the nerve to get hit back and understand that self defense is a logical response to the illogical and uncalled for attack of an innocent person. It's not something that's too outlandish to understand.


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