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Avoid scary Halloween costume prices

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 11:00 am
Photo from Flickr
Tailor it to your skills. People who have some crafting skills, like paper-mache or sewing can make almost anything, even giant Lego bricks.
Photo from Flickr Tailor it to your skills. People who have some crafting skills, like paper-mache or sewing can make almost anything, even giant Lego bricks.
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Everyone has heard those advertisements on the radio or seen them on television: “Nobody has more party for less,” according to Party City. Not only does Party City throw some raging parties, but it also sells Halloween costumes, most of which are $49.99 and up, and often don’t look much like the characters they purport to be. Another store that sells expensive Halloween costumes and makeup is Spirit Halloween in Brockport next to Wegmans, a branch of Party City. As tempting as it can be to spend your money, Spirit Halloween is just as expensive as Party City.

You can buy a $50 costume that’ll last you one night or you can enjoy the experience of making your own costume for substantially less money. Not to mention, DIY Halloween costumes give you much more room for creativity.

People love funny or clever costumes, and some of the easiest costumes to make are based on things that appeal to our generation, like internet memes or Snapchat filters. References to music, movies and television shows are also always fun.

Brockport student, Kellie Panek, has some advice for making a cheap, last-minute Halloween costume. 

“My roommate and I were the dog filters from Snapchat,” Panek said. “[I] created a costume from some clothes I already owned.”

Using just a cardboard box, headband and eyeliner, Panek created her own Snapchat doggie-filter Halloween costume for little to no money. 

The process is simple. First, print out a picture of the doggie-filter ears and tape them onto two pieces of cardboard, cutting them out in the shape of the ears. After, glue them to your headband. Then, use black and brown eyeliner to draw on the nose. Or you can buy a Halloween makeup kit at Walmart for under $10. The same thing costs $15 at Party City.

TV show references can also be easy to turn into DIY costumes. For example, one of the most iconic costumes from “The Office” is “Three-Hole Punch Jim.” All that’s needed for this costume are three cut out circles from black construction paper, a white button-up shirt and a tie. Simply tape the black circles to your shirt and occasionally glance at the camera. It’s a costume most people will understand, and it’ll cost approximately zero dollars.

This year, Panek plans on dressing up in a couples costume. 

“I think my boyfriend and I might go as Squints and Wendy Peffercorn from ‘The Sandlot’,” she said. 

Again, this is a costume that is cheap and easy to do yourself. For Squints, all that’s needed is a baseball tee, a pair of jeans, a baseball cap, wide-framed glasses and a baseball glove — items most people have lying around their house. For Wendy, you’ll need a red swimsuit, shorts and sunglasses. These simple costumes will transform you into an iconic baseball player/lifeguard power couple. 

People appreciate creativity and humor, so why spend so much money on store-bought costumes when you can make your own while saving money and having fun? 

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