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Review: "The Walking Dead" on AMC

by Nicholas Mazur - Copy Desk Chief
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 11:00 am
Photo from The Walking Dead's Official Instagram
Photo from The Walking Dead's Official Instagram

This season of “The Walking Dead” landed its first episode into the 100th episode slot. Though it promised a war, and delivered, I couldn’t help walking away a little disappointed. Certainly the drama between team Rick and team Negan was played up just as I expected. That, however, is not what I liked about the episode; in fact, there were few things I did. 

The fact that Rick and Negan have become nothing more than an over-the-top drama match troubles me greatly. It seems they are just one-upping each other for no reason other than to draw me in, like a zombie soap opera. When we saw The Governor and Rick facing off, it was scary because it consisted of people killing people for the first time, a new aspect of the show to explore. This season seems to be recycling old themes rather than pushing new boundaries. 

We’ve seen the group endure all the aspects of the apocalypse: predators, starvation, disease and loss. So to be fair, it would be almost symmetrical for the show to end on the biggest vice of the apocalypse: war. However, I’m not too excited to see just how far the money will take it. 

The parts of the show I did like had nothing to do with the spectacular over-the-top Rick drama, it was the little drama. The portion that Gabriel plays in all the action, for instance, was very interesting to watch unfold, given where we found him. Carl too, a character I am too often liable to forget about at times, gets a really good push in his character’s development. 

My point is that “The Walking Dead” has certainly declined. This episode showed that perhaps the show is too busy trying to build an empire that it has neglected to remember it started with just Rick, just one person in the world, trying to find his family. It’s a show about small, ordinary people in a dark world. I hope the show grows to some understanding that it’s okay for stories to end. This comes from a diehard fan. I hope this season can rediscover what the show is supposed to be about, or at least what I hope it can be. 

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