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"Tell Me You Love Me" Demi Lovato

by Maggie Stewart - 89.1 The Point
Tue, Oct 10th 2017 11:40 am
Photo taken from Demi Lovato's official Instagram
Photo taken from Demi Lovato's official Instagram

There were whispers that Demi Lovato might not continue her musical career. Luckily for fans, she returned to astound audiences with her powerful voice yet again. In her sixth album, Lovato holds nothing back as she consistently and unapologetically calls it as she sees it. Titled “Tell Me You Love Me”, the album plays off as a need for self-love. 

The second track, by the same name, is a song that begs for an outsider’s love and affection. Contrasting greatly with track one and hit single, “Sorry Not Sorry”, Lovato belts out another break up anthem, flaunting her independence and confidence. Even more potent is the song “You Don’t Do It for Me Anymore” which, rather than a traditional breakup song, references Lovato’s bad habits. 

The time and emotion put into this album cannot be overstated. As Lovatics have heard before in songs like “Skyscraper” from her 2011 album “Unbroken”, Lovato sings with such a raw honesty that listeners can’t help but feel her pain. Written and inspired by personal experiences and stories, Lovato’s songs resonate with her fans. Her sincerity rings through on every unwavering riff. 

Lovato is no longer afraid of herself, as this album depicts by taking listeners with her through some of her hardest moments. Unlike other artists who manipulate their voices to fit a niche, there is nothing superficial about her performance. There is a quality that rings true as she sings of a reality that is heartbreaking and relevant to her demographic. She is not afraid of the ragged, harsh tone that her voice can take on at times. Instead she utilizes it not only to tell her story to her fans, but to immerse them in it. More confident and better than ever, Lovato proves, time again, that she has what it takes, and continues to push the bar and soar to new heights. 

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