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Review: "Gaga: Five Foot Two"

by Kristina Livingston - Executive Editor
Tue, Oct 10th 2017 11:20 am
Photo taken from Lady Gaga's official Instagram
Photo taken from Lady Gaga's official Instagram

Five foot two: the momentous height that worldwide popstar Lady Gaga stands, as well as the title of the recent Netflix documentary lending fans an insight into the star’s life leading up to her performance at the halftime show of Super Bowl LI. 

Chronicling the process of creating her fifth studio album “Joanne”, amidst stellar dramatic editing, at its peak, the documentary demonstrates the love and artistry Gaga pours into her work even through chronic pain treatments, self-reflection and heartbreak. 

Even the truest of Lady Gaga fans were skeptical about the extreme sound and style changes of Joanne – I being one of them. In viewing “Gaga: Five foot-two,” fans are able to truly understand the deeply personal feelings invoked within the tracklist of “Joanne”, a tribute to Gaga’s aunt who passed away at the age of 19. 

While I would argue much of the pure drama instilled in the documentary adds tremendously to its quality, I would definitely critique it for the amount it manages to squeeze in the same breath. I certainly could have done without some of the sensationalized, drawn-out subplots, but, as a friend who watched along with me put it, “I feel as if I know Lady Gaga so personally now.” 

I too feel the same, with the most important takeaway here being my revisiting of the “Joanne” album. Once you come to understand Gaga’s process of healing from illness and fame, despite her cherishing the latter so dearly, the drastic change makes sense and the homegrown songs start to feel themselves out in your heart. 

With the new film release, you’ll not only be able to revisit 2009 Gaga nostalgia, but you’ll revel in the joy of her pushing herself to make each and every member of her support system proud of her: from her adoring elderly grandmother to you, her fan. 

Certainly, if you are a Gaga fan of days past, this documentary will blast your bloodstream full of nostalgia and pride for the little five foot-two Italian woman from New York City who used to dream of seeing her name up in lights and hearing her incredible voice amplified in Madison Square Garden. 

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