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Brockport to offer MBA geared for small business

by Lou Venditti - News Editor
Tue, Oct 3rd 2017 09:35 pm

The College at Brockport will join the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, and six other SUNY universities when it implements a master’s in business administration program next fall.  The MBA program is headed by Jack Cook, Ph.D., who serves as the program director. 

The new master’s program will first be offered in the fall of 2018. The program has been proposed in the past, but was finally approved this past July. 

“We’ve talked about having an MBA for years,” Cook said. “The challenge is that we don’t have a large population of working professionals here in Brockport.”

To circumvent this issue, the MBA program is going to be based mainly online so it can reach more people.

“The time is right because we have this online delivery capability,” Cook said. “The way we set this up is that someone would come at the very beginning of the semester and then again at the end, but the bulk of the instruction is online. This allows us to serve Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and really help medium-small sized enterprises, which is what we’re designed for. We’re not looking to deal with the largest corporations in the area, but the 

but the smallest.”

The MBA is mainly geared toward small business owners according to Cook. It’s meant to broaden the student’s skillset rather than teach them to be specialists in the field. 

“It’s for someone who wants to be a manager rather than a functional specialist,” Cook said.

In its first year, Cook is aiming to get 35 people in the program. The department is already receiving inquiries, and Cook expects even more than 35 people to be admitted into the program. 

“I’m more concerned we’ll have more people than what we can handle,” Cook said. “The target for the first cohort is 35 people, but my guess is that we’ll have many more than that. We’re already getting inquiries.”

The MBA at Brockport is even priced to be competitive against private universities in the area. The entire program will cost about $24,000, compared to about $44,000 at the University of Rochester and $41,000 at Rochester Institute of Technology. The Brockport program costs a little more than half of what private universities charge, but Cook says not to worry.

“The quality of our program will be as good, if not better, than what the private schools in the area are offering,” Cook said.

The reason Cook believes the Brockport program has the potential to be better is due to the student engagement in the program. Part of the graduation requirement is to complete a capstone project where students will work with instructors on real life situations, even involving their own personal businesses. It gives students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the program to what they do in the real world.

The program isn’t only open to business owners. Cook says they will accept applications from “exceptional” undergraduate students, but they are still working on defining what exceptional entails. As of now, Cook says it will take at least a 3.5 GPA, along with internship and community experience. Cook says the students they will consider for the new program are likely already on the track for graduate school. Students who wish to join the graduate program right out of undergraduate must stand out to the department, however.

It’s less strenuous to get into the program if you aren’t finishing undergraduate work. The program requires a 3.0 GPA, along with at least two years of working experience. This leaves the door open for professionals to be able to step back into the college atmosphere and strive for success again. 

Brockport will be offering a master’s in business administration starting in the fall of 2018. The program is mainly geared towards small and medium sized business owners, but undergraduates are also being looked at as candidates for the program. The college will join six other SUNY schools when the program is offered.

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