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Review: "American Dream" by LCD Soundsystem

by Zachary Penzabene - The Point
Tue, Oct 3rd 2017 05:40 pm
Photo courtesy of Youtube
Photo courtesy of Youtube

If Arcade Fire and Muse had a baby in the 80s, her name would be “American Dream”, which just happens to be LCD Soundsystem’s latest album. This album has a beautiful indie electronic rock sound that gives you the feeling of slowly drifting through space in a dream-like state. The album slowly fades in with the chill song, “Oh Baby”, climaxes with their amazing “American Dreaming”, and fades out with their smooth 12-minute song, “Black Screen”. This album is 68 minutes of good vibes with deep, well thought out lyrics. 

LCD Soundsystem put a lot of thought and effort into the songs. The band makes its songs much longer compared to a typical song heard on the radio. The shortest song is 4:57, while its longest song is a whopping 12:05. I feel that when artists take the time to make their songs longer, they can better develop the music and message they are trying to get across. I think that could definitely be said about the highlights of this album: “Oh Baby”, “Tonite”, “Call the Police”, “American Dreaming” and “Black Screen”. 

“Call the Police” is an instant classic about trying to resist the craziness of love and make do with dystopian reality. This song is more fast paced than the rest of the album and you can tell the artist had a lot of fun while creating and recording this track. “American Dreaming” is a song that reminds me of being half awake in the shower and thinking about life. This song has slight hints of hopeful melancholy, but the way the lyrics and sound mesh together is just sublime. 

The sound of this album is one of a kind. However, not all the songs are amazing. “Other Voices” and “Emotional Haircut” are a little too out there to fully enjoy. “How do you Sleep?” is a good song overall, but this 9-minute song has some parts that are not so great to listen to and drag on for too long. These small flaws only minimally diminish the quality of the album as a whole. The lyrics are unique, and create a juxtaposition to the music that establishes a distinct sound. which always lets me know that I’m listening to LCD Soundsystem when one of its songs comes on the radio. 

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