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Previewing the Provost's presentation

by Kristina Livingston - Executive Editor
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 11:00 pm

The worsening of the global climate as affected by human influences, as agreed upon by 97 percent of all scientists – this is what Interim Provost Jim Haynes, PhD plans to bring to The College at Brockport campus in a lecture entitled, “Natural and Human Causes of Climate Change: What Scientists Know and How They Know it” at 6 p.m. in the McCue Auditorium.

Six natural forces have drastically impacted global climate thus far, and Haynes plans to pinpoint exactly how human civilization serves as the seventh and most unnatural force of change, according to The Daily Eagle.

The talk will serve as an installment in the Lifelong Learning Lecture series, as organized by Director of Multigenerational Engagement and social work professor Jason Dauenhauer, Phd. Dauenhauer and colleagues have worked to organize an accessible series which invites members of the local community to share in information provided by The College at Brockport staff.

“It [the scientific evidence supporting climate change] is a message I have been bringing to students for at least a dozen years in my introductory environmental science course,” Haynes said.

According to Haynes, he views climate change as the most relevant challenge that human society will face in modern day. An ecologist by trade, Haynes became invested in the science behind global warming and climate change as that which supported it became more factually supported over time.

Citing those with economic reasons for denying the factual evidence supporting climate change as its main opponents, Haynes describes the issue as now being one of a political nature.

“It’s no longer a scientific debate amongst scientists, just like [gravity, evolution, cell theory] is no longer a scientific debate,” Haynes said. “Climate change is really just about as certain as all of those things are in terms of all the evidence that supports it, including the evidence that humans are the primary cause of the change right now.”

Haynes proposes that in the face of the evidence he will be presenting, there is no longer room for a debate between political ideologies and their hold over scientific certainty.

“I worry about my students … my children, I worry about my grandson,” Haynes said. “I’m not going to have to live with the nasty consequences of what my generation has done.”

Haynes will dedicate much of the lecture to the presentation of evidence, and pose questions to the audience prompting them to ponder why the current political climate is on the path to ignoring what he considers to be a pressing matter. If time permits, a question and answer session will follow. The lecture will be simultaneously streamed to the Golden Eagle room located in the MetroCenter.

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