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Pete Davidson comes to Brockport

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 10:00 pm

Pete Davidson, best known for recurring roles on “Saturday Night Live” and his stand-up comedy routines, came to The College at Brockport on Saturday, Sept. 23. Opening up for him was Ricky Velez, a stand-up comedian from Queens who started doing comedy in college at the age of 19 and was able to pursue his passion when he saved up enough money.

Most of Velez’s jokes had the audience laughing in its seats at his crude and politically incorrect humor. His best joke was about a man whom he had gone to school with and how he spends a lot of his free time stalking him just to see how much worse his life is compared to Velez’s own.

“I follow him every day on Facebook. I love his statuses,” he admitted. “One time he wrote a status: ‘Hey dead dad, love you and miss you.’ Nobody liked his status and I felt bad so I made a Facebook of his dad and liked it.”

After his routine, he introduced Davidson, who is originally from Staten Island. Davidson started comedy at the age of 16, but didn’t do anything with it until he dropped out of St. Francis College, where he had been studying business management.

Davidson was discovered by famous actor, Nick Cannon, and even hosted a radio show with him at just 20-years-old.

“Nick Cannon is solely responsible for any success I’ve had,” Davidson said. “He’s a really talented, smart guy.”

Davidson started the show by talking about Brockport and the uneasy feeling he got when he came here.

“What is this,” he asked about Brockport. “This is the whitest, creepiest place I’ve ever been to. What are you guys majoring in, murder?”

It was unclear whether or not Davidson had known about the recent murder in Brockport. He claimed Brockport was so far away that if there was a murder, the cops wouldn’t bother coming.

Davidson spent much of the show roasting Brockport and the people who live and go to school near the college. He was wearing a sweatshirt from Cornell College, but lacked in The College at Brockport merch.

“I’m definitely not getting one of your sweatshirts,” he said.

Davidson’s routine covered many touchy topics, turning them into hilarious jokes. One joke he told started with him saying “9/11.”

When he was 7-years-old, Davidson’s father, Scott, was a firefighter who lost his life during 9/11. Davidson spent a lot of his young teenage life depressed after the loss of his dad, but he found a way to tell an inappropriate joke and yet somehow still commemorate his father.

After his routine, there was a quick question and answer session in which the audience members got to ask Davidson anything. The questions ranged from whom he had dated last to his favorite video game, which is Madden 2K, “until 2K MLB comes out,” he said.

Most of the content was funny, though to some, Davidson occasionally took it too far. Towards the end of the show, he made a joke that someone in the crowd had a gun and a lot of people in the section he had pointed to ducked. There were a few seconds of silence before people realized he was joking.

He ended the show by telling the audience what a fun time he had.

“I hope you guys achieve your dreams and get out of this town,” he said, bashing Brockport one last time.

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