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Death of Kenneka Jenkins raises questions of suspicion

by Siomara Germain - Staff Writer
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 08:00 pm

Kenneka Jenkins was out partying with some friends before her disappearance and death on September 10. The 19 year old was at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center for a birthday celebration with friends before she disappeared and later died.

There have been many theories surrounding this young woman’s death. Two theories that have been mentioned are that she actually walked into a freezer and froze to death and the other is that Jenkins was murdered by one of the people who attended the party.

However, Rosemont Police have stated that this is not a homicide investigation but a death one. 

Investigators need to take into account all the possibilities revolving around this young woman’s death in order to provide, a peace of mind for all those emotionally invested in Jenkins’ death. 

According to the Chicago Tribune article “On hotel video, Kenneka Jenkins last seen alive staggering through kitchen” by John Keilman and William Lee, “video released by Rosemont police Friday depicts Kenneka Jenkins staggering alone through a deserted hotel kitchen and disappearing around a corner — the last time she’s seen alive.”

Keilman and Lee also reported that Jenkins’ sister stated that they last spoke around 1:30 a.m. and that Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, said she received a call from Jenkins’ friends around 4 a.m. that Jenkins was nowhere to be found after they left her in the lobby to return upstairs to reclaim a cellphone. 

Many want to see the video of Jenkins walking into the freezer but that video has not been provided.

Why? Because according to the hotel, it does not exist.

According to the article titled, “No video of Kenneka Jenkins entering freezer where she was found dead, hotel says” by CBS News, “there is no video camera trained on the freezer in the hotel kitchen in Rosemont, Illinois, where Jenkins’ body was found September 10.”

One is supposed to believe that this hotel does not have security monitoring their cameras to make sure things are running smoothly in the hotel? Who exactly is managing the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel?

According to Keilman and Lee, “The medical examiner’s office has yet to pronounce a cause or manner of death. A spokeswoman has said that determination might not come for weeks, pending further tests and investigation.”

Social media users have issued petitions for the Federal Bureau of Investigations to get involved in the investigation process because they believe the footage of Jenkins provided by Rosemont Police does not make any sense. However, Rosemont Police is keeping the case within their jurisdiction. 

Twitter user @chesnascloset wrote, “If America can obsess over JonBennet Ramesy's death after 15 years, we can obsess over Kenneka Jenkins. #RipKennekaJenkins #KennekaJenkins.”

As they should, because one death is not more important than the other. Jenkins’ friends said they could not  find her where they left her in the lobby, but did they search for her? How far can an inebriated girl walk that they couldn’t look or find her? Are her friends also to blame? Y to the E to the S. 

If someone claims to be a friend, shouldn’t they stick up for their friend when he or she is inebriated? Shouldn’t they make sure that he or she is OK and gets home safely? That was not the case with Jenkins’ friends. They claimed they left her in the hotel lobby, came back and did not see her where they left her, then they took her car because they had her keys and left the hotel . . . without her. They left her and slept in their bed that night, while Jenkins was staggering in the hotel and eventually ended up in an hotel freezer and allegedly froze to death. 

In videos circulated in social media, one can hear Jenkins’ friends frustrated at someone. Many assume this is Jenkins because she wasn’t having a good time. Did they think she was a buzz kill and left her? 

Or maybe they did look for her, couldn’t find her, got tired, and went home. Maybe.

Or maybe Jenkins is the only one to blame, because according to her mother she was a lightweight when it came to alcohol and should have managed the amount of alcohol she consumed. Maybe. 

Or maybe she’s the only one to blame because she didn’t pick her friends wisely. Maybe. 

Sometimes it’s easy to point blame at people and many people are going to continue to put the blame on numerous of people who could have prevented this young woman’s death but the most important thing is justice. Jenkins deserves justice for what she has been through, her mother deserve justice, and everyone who cared about her deserves justice. 

According to the Chicago Sun-Times article “Kenneka Jenkins’ funeral tentatively set for next weekend” by Rachel Hinton, a funeral for the Chicago native will take place in a few days. 

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