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Review: "Gemini" by Macklemore

by Tegan Mazur- Copy Desk Chief
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 05:00 pm
Photo taken from Macklemore's official Instagram
Photo taken from Macklemore's official Instagram

Macklemore, oh dear. He sure is something. My personal policy about the artist is that I take his music with a grain of salt. Being a white person listening to another white person rapping is just an unsettling experience. However, there is plenty to enjoy about the artist in his new album, “Gemini”. 

Macklemore has never been shy about adding a “feat.” to his album tracks. It seems to be a signature move of his and I’m a big of fan of it. On this most recent album in particular it makes each and every song stand out as its own. 

The first two tracks, “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight”, featuring Eric Nally, and “Glorious”, featuring Skylar Grey, start the album off quick and loud; they are full of energy. The two potent songs feel right at home in a Macklemore album. “Glorious” in particular was a song I could not help but get really into. Grey’s hook in particular was positively … glorious. 

The tracks are varied though, and there are decent slow songs too like “Intentions”, which takes a moment to bring everything down a notch to a much more relaxed vibe. 

Of course, as is often the case when I listen to Macklemore, I couldn’t help but cringe and even laugh a little when the artist himself went, during several songs, into his signature mid-song monologue about the deeper reflections of Mr. Macklemore himself. 

I was particularly surprised to find Kesha on the list of featured artists, but was ultimately entranced by her performance in “Good Old Days”, another slower track that sticks out from the others on the album that I might put more confidently in the rap genre. 

This album reaffirmed that I’m certainly not an avid Macklemore fan. However, it also confirmed that Macklemore is capable of putting out really good songs when he puts his mind to it. I am by no means an expert on rap, but I don’t really think it’s his forte. I think if he took those songs that stray from his attempts at rap, he could really find his rhythm and stride. 

This album overall is alright, with a few gems that I plan to come back to again and again. Stay tuned for the cycle of the Macklemore mine, churning out a lot of rocks and the occasional gem. 

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