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Review: "No Mountains in Manhattan" by Wiki

by Lou Venditti- News Editor
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 05:00 pm
Photo courtesy of the official Wiki Instagram page
Photo courtesy of the official Wiki Instagram page

Wiki’s back, but not just back with music; he’s back in his city, too. The New York City MC wears his city on his sleeve with his newest album, “No Mountains in Manhattan,” spitting bars over acid washed beats. It’s clear Wiki’s progressed significantly since 2015’s “Lil Me”. 

Wiki starts the album with the strongest songs he’s ever released back-to-back-to-back. He wastes no time, diving into an off-kilter flow on “Islander” that will leave listeners dizzy. He follows it with the lead single, “Mayor”, boasting about being the best rapper before being sure to clarify what he’s in the rap game for. 

“Don’t do it for top 10 or radio / Hope ‘fore I drop dead, I save my soul / Know I got a hot head, but I’m staying cool,” Wiki belts for the hook. 

Since he’s back in the city, Wiki brought some friends along with him to feature on the album. Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killa is featured on “Made for This,” where Wiki once again boasts his impressively strong flow and wordplay. The album also features the up-and-coming, Brooklyn-based Your Old Droog. 

Any trip back to the city for Wiki is incomplete without a trip to Chinatown, and he explores his trips in the boisterous “Chinatown Swing.” The beat ebbs and flows with Wiki’s flow, with Wiki spitting some of his fastest bars on the album. 

The album gets noticeably darker as it progresses, with Wiki delving into his rising fame and the police presence in his community that he views as a threat. Wiki even dives into his former relationship with rapper Princess Nokia on “Pandora’s Box”. Vancouver singer Evy Jane trades verses and sings the hook for the song. 

“I was a mutt / Didn’t know who I was / You made me feel like I belong / Like I was one of ya,” Wiki rambles on “Pandora’s Box”, showing one of the softest sides we’ve seen of him. 

Wiki reels it in for the last couple tracks on the album, bringing the fun and boisterous tones from the beginning back. On NMIM, Wiki affectionately looks to the Manhattan skyline as his personal mountain range. 

“How you gonna say there ain’t no mountains in Manhattan when I been right on top of one macking for 23 years?” Wiki asks blissfully on the chorus, almost daring someone to question his thought process. 

“No Mountains in Manhattan” is an incredible addition to Wiki’s already strong showing as an MC. Wiki explores a wide range of issues, from the police in his neighborhood to his former relationships, all while spitting in convoluted flows that seem to work. Wiki has reached new heights on his own personal mountain range. 

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