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Review: "It"

by Sarah Morris- Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 05:00 pm
Photo courtesy of the official `It' Instagram account
Photo courtesy of the official "It' Instagram account

Breaking the record for highest September box office debut, Stephen King’s “It” made $441.3 million globally since it came out on September 8. The movie also got an 84 percent approval rating by critics from Rotten Tomatoes and an audience rating of 87 percent. 

I read that the movie was terrifying, so I went in with high expectations to be scared. Instead, I found myself laughing 60 percent of the time, something I didn’t expect. I watched all of the movie and didn’t have to close my eyes for most of it. The entire film was intriguing, hilarious and not as childish as the mini-series starring Tim Curry, who was great, but not as scary. 

One thing about the new movie that makes it stand out from other horror films is its compelling plot and constant witty dialogue. “It” also didn’t rely on jump scares like most horror movies; all the monsters and scary scenes were shown in full without much suspense, making the movie more watchable. 

The movie focuses only on the children, as they tell the tale from their perspective rather than through flashbacks. They search for Bill’s younger brother, Georgie, who they think was taken by “It,” the thing terrorizing children and revealing itself as each of their biggest fears. To Georgie, he shows up as “Pennywise the Dancing Clown,” who It takes the form of often. He was portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, who is an incredible actor. Skarsgård captures Pennywise perfectly and his creepy smile alone can send chills down your spine. 

Skarsgård was amazing, but the real award for best acting goes to the kids, especially Eddie, played by Jack Dylan Grazer,the germaphobe of the group with the funniest and most quotable one liners. After being told the pills his mom makes him take are placebos, he goes off on her, calling her out for giving him “gazebo” pills. 

The movie ended well as the kids temporarily defeat Pennywise and find Georgie’s raincoat, letting Bill get closure because he knows his brother is dead. They all vow to return in 27 years, in the year 2016, to defeat “It” again. I look very much forward to the sequel. 

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